The come up

Just a few thoughts on musicians who mention the come up…

When you hear musicians talking about the come up, you’ve got to respect them because that stuff is real. It’s amazing to see the heights that they reach especially when you do some research on their background; for some people it’s inspiring because it makes them realise that they can be successful as well and for other people, they see it as something admirable even if it doesn’t serve to inspire them.

It’s weird and one reason for this is because some musicians tend to talk about the crazy lifestyle that they live (orgies, expensive cars, expensive alcohol, etc.) and we as the audience idolise and imitate this (even if it’s not to the full extent). The crazy lifestyle is what we pay the most attention to, but the musicians tend to put a lot of emphasis on the work that they had to do to get to where they are; I couldn’t explain why people don’t pay as much attention to that (I assume it because hard work is boring, whilst the rewards are fun).

When it comes to the subject of hard work I think that it goes so much further than the music. There are a lot of musicians who were involved in a less desirable lifestyle before realising their dreams, things such as selling drugs and being in a gang and to be honest, that’s a lot of hard work too. Finding people to sell your product to, making sure that you don’t get caught by the authorities and making money; there’s a work ethic involved in it to make sure that you survive and once you get that work ethic, it can and will translate to other activities.

Either way whatever the case is, you have to respect musicians and where they start from because they make it clear that there’s no illuminati bullshit involved; just hard work.

You got to give props to guys like Krept and Konan, this was the come up

This is where they are now


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