Bus Drivers (in London)

Bus drivers in London are a breed of people who receive a lot of abuse from the public (usually from school kids, drunk people etc.) and when you see bus drivers get abused sometimes you just think to yourself that it’s way too much, especially given that they just want to drive from point A to point B. At times, this can be only one side of the story, sometimes bus drivers can receive abuse but the way that they act about it will make you think that they deserve every last bit of abuse that they receive.

Driving a bus can’t be an easy job which is understandable, but at times drivers make it clear how sour they’re about their jobs and it’s really easy to see when they take that sourness out on the public. I’ve seen some drivers engage in stupid antics like taking oyster cards away from students for no reason, turning off the bus because people won’t move down, even though there’s no God damn space and worst of all, getting brave because they’re locked in a cubicle protected by tempered glass. There are a lot of instances where bus drivers start trouble on members of the public (fucking pricks) and when you look at it, it just makes you think ‘yeah, fuck you and everything you stand for.’

I’ll admit that I don’t like bus drivers (in London) and I’ll never become one as long as I live (when I was a child, I wanted to be a bus driver for some odd reason).

Before I get anymore carried away than I am, the point is simply to get money then get a car and of course FUCK bus drivers (in London).

On a side note, TFL are really fucking stupid. No lie, if you look at their rules regarding oyster top ups it’ll make you ask yourself ‘why the hell is Boris Johnson the mayor of London’, he’s a completely useless guy.


2 thoughts on “Bus Drivers (in London)

  1. Think before you say ‘Fuck bus drivers’. You only understand the surface when it comes to a bus drivers’ decisions. They don’t deliberately take their problems on people, imagine driving a bus in London for up to 12 hours a day… You’ll encounter people from all walks of life and there’s no doubt many of them will be stubborn, impatient and rude. These drivers are only human.

    Regarding the ‘stupid antics’ you mentioned, a majority of them can be justified by the fact that they’re simply doing their job. Bus drivers will only take oyster cards away if they can see that it is being used by someone other than the rightful owner, and with students they tend to ‘pass back’ to a friend so confiscation is just a way to teach them a lesson that they shouldn’t abuse the system. Additionally, the whole point of making passengers move back when its packed is solely for their safety. There is a line which indicates where passengers shouldn’t stand, but in most situations this is ignored by them as well as the drivers. But in the event of an emergency brake and someone goes flying into the windscreen, who’s gonna get all the shit and possibly suspesnsion? The driver.

    At the end of the day, the drivers are also making sure they don’t lose their job. If there is a bus inspector and they catch a driver being lenient with letting people on without the correct oyster or the rules in general their job is going to be on the line… So when you do see a driver getting up to their ‘stupid antics’ just think about what they have to endure and the situation they’re in. After all they do have families to feed.

    Although I can admit there are some dickhead bus drivers out there.

    (Funny enough my dad drives the 199 haha)


    1. I did think before writing this post, I wouldn’t say fuck bus drivers for the sake of saying it. I’m aware that bus drivers encounter all kinds of people which was acknowledged in the post but I’ve personally been in a few situations where I’ve received abuse from bus drivers despite trying to reason with the driver cordially and I’ve seen the same for other people many times. Even if bus drivers work long shifts, that’s no excuse for them to abuse passengers that aren’t abusing them.

      Stupid antics was a strong description, I’ll admit that but I have to disagree with some of your points. I’ve seen a person have a valid oyster taken away from them, even when they showed the bus driver that it hadn’t reached it’s expiry date so to me that’s an abuse of power, it’s likely a rare occurence but it still happens. I understand that a bus driver makes passengers move down the bus for their own safety, but they can’t let more people on to the bus than they’re supposed to and get upset when there’s no space to move down the bus; if the driver doesn’t tell people to get off the bus when there’s too many people then they are responsible for what might happen.

      I’m not saying that bus drivers have to be lenient as you’re right, they do have families to feed, but I’ve seen them abuse their power in unncessary situations which is something that I don’t like.

      If a bus driver argues with someone that’s abusing them, I can understand that because I don’t expect drivers to happily accept abuse.


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