Fucked up shit on Twitter vol. 3

Really at this point, I should be calling it fucked up/funny shit on Twitter because as weird as it is, it still manages to make me laugh as well.

Trending topic(s):

Last month it was #unconventionalblackbeauty which was all kinds of stupid, given that there’s no such thing as conventional black beauty; this month it’s the #dontjudgemechallenge which is clearly just a way for people to show off how vain they are. This challenge has people make themselves look ‘ugly’ (lack of a better word) by drawing spots and other things on themselves only to remove it and show that they’re actually ‘good looking’, I’m not going to preach about why this is stupid because by watching it, you’ll be able to figure out why.

Some people shred their views on it as well.

General Twitter:

Just a bunch of things that you typically see on Twitter, enjoy.


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