Internet stupidity

The internet is great, as I have said before, however, even with the greatness that the internet has there are still moments that make you want to facepalm. The internet gives people the freedom to be themselves, in some cases it gives them the freedom to be other people (catfishes, parody social media accounts etc.) and even though it’s really, really, excruciatingly cliché, the freedom comes with responsibility. The responsibility isn’t even great to be honest, it’s a simple task which is to not look stupid at all times (trolling is ok though).

Anything on the internet can go viral, and the dumbest things tend to. Being on the internet is almost like having a license to be stupid and some people really enjoy doing just that; to be honest it’s not like there’s too much wrong with being stupid on the internet, just make sure that if you do something stupid, it’s something that you can later save yourself from because once you’re on the internet, you’re never leaving.

I have to admit though, the stupidity of some people has worked out well for them at times, and at other times, it has worked well for other people. The person who inspired this post, deleted what they wrote so enjoy this instead.


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