There are so many different ways to see the world from, since everybody sees life from their own perspective; on top of that there are so many religions, cults, philosophical ideas etc. I said in an earlier post that I wanted to master the universe (without trying to sound like some sort of villain, or hippy) and I still do (hopefully I will). It’s a huge task to master the universe but anyway that’s not the point of this post.

I wanted to focus on one perspective, Solipsism. This is a theory that only your consciousness exists; when you think about this theory it holds some weight because when you’re not in a situation it’s hard to verify that said situation is happening, however at the same time it would also mean to say that the world only revolves around you (and we know that’s not true).

Subscribing to this theory would make it easier to understand the world (in my opinion) because it more or less promotes focusing on yourself, so the more that you learn about yourself, the more you’re learning about the universe (in a weird sort of way).

That’s my take on it but this would probably explain it better than I have.


The job hunt

Job hunting is stressful if you’re trying to get the job that you want and it’s a very sought after profession. It usually means that if you apply for a job then there are at least hundreds of people applying for the same job as you which means that your chances of getting said job are already slim, even if you’re told to do work experience or get a very good degree.

It makes me think that job hunting equates to time being wasted. I shouldn’t think like this, but sometimes it can take very long to find a job and it’s possible that you could put that time into something else, especially if you’re not getting a call back.

It sucks that a job is one of the simplest, if not the simplest way of getting money.

My 5 favourite songs from the Sonic series

I like video game music and I like Sonic so I thought I’d post my 5 favourite songs that I’ve heard from the series (this only includes the games that I’ve played). I promised that would never do a post like again this in an earlier post but I lied. This was actually hard to choose from because there are so many favourites.

If you don’t like or appreciate VGM then this post isn’t for you.






The worst part is that these will probably change, except no. 1, that’s always going to be there.

Quick thoughts on Fairy Tail Ice Trail

Fairy Tail Ice Trail has just finished and to be honest Yusuke Shirato did a great job. The manga is a spin-off  from the popular series Fairy Tail but it focuses on Gray’s journey to find and join Fairy Tail after the death of his master (still don’t know if her name is Ul or Ur).

Fairy Tail Ice Trail is something that I definitely enjoyed more than the actual series because it made a character that wasn’t Natsu or Lucy central to the story. The story was well written and gave an insight into Gray’s past (something that a lot of stories can struggle with), the story wasn’t long and it didn’t need to be because it successfully filled in the blank space between Gray’s prior training to joining Fairy Tail and his joining of the guild.

Fairy Tail is a series that I feel is overrated and when I read the manga, I tend to have a lot of complaints about it, such as crappy characters, female characters only serving as fan service and having no real use (Lucy) and a very average story. Ice Trail was guilty of some of those things (in my opinion) however it did a better job of tackling those problems than the series that it’s based off.

The biggest thing about Ice Trail, that made me like it was that it made me gain respect for Gray, one of the characters that I saw as crappy.

Mad if I do, mad if I don’t

There’s a certain type of person in this world that annoys me (well there are a many types of people in this world that annoy me, but that’s not the point), the type of person that makes you a target for no reason. Usually these people dislike you for no reason and they always act in a way to get a specific response from you, but when they don’t get the response they’re looking for they try harder to piss you off until they do. The thing about these people that gets me the most is that when you do give them the response that they’re looking for (which can be violent) they get pissed off with you as if they’ve done nothing wrong.

There’s really no way to win with these people so what do you do? When someone tells me the answer it will be a glorious day, until then these people remain one of life’s mysteries.

Quick thoughts on Shaman King


Some thoughts on Shaman King, the first thing that I realised was that I should have watched this show when I was younger. Shaman King is about a Shaman called Yoh who aims to become the Shaman King in order to live an easy life, during the course of the story Yoh meets a cast of characters, some of which become his friends (Ryu, Ren, Horo Horo etc.) and some which become antagonists (Hao, the X-Laws etc.) and for the most part they want to be Shaman King. In order to become the Shaman King, all the Shamans have to enter a tournament that is known as the Shaman fight and the winner gets the crown.

It’s easy to understand why Shaman King is popular with children as it has a good mix of action and comedy, although I don’t like most of the characters (something I’ll get to) I can admit that the characters work well with each other e.g the interactions between Ren, Horo Horo and Chocolove. The story itself was good, however I found it weird that the story seemed more linear at the beginning of the series and it didn’t really return until Yoh and his friends went to fight Hao. From the moment that Ren became one of the good guys each episode had its own story and didn’t really seem to contribute much to the overall story (like what Pokémon does).

In terms of characters, it seemed (to me) that the story would have been even better if the characters were more serious. Yoh is probably the character who annoyed me the most, every situation that he got into, he always answered with a smile and relaxed attitude and whilst this is a good example for children to follow, it also made Yoh the blandest character in the show (a lot of times, I was asking myself why Yoh is the main character). Lyserg is another character that was annoying purely because of how pathetic he was for most of the series, even when he joined the X-Laws he continued to be a character who spent too much time feeling sorry for himself and that made it even harder to sympathise with him. The rest of the good guys with the exception of Anna had nothing to make them likeable (in my opinion), they just had their backstories but for the most part seemed like Yoh’s lackeys. I felt that Hao could have been a more interesting character; it’s weird because the reasons for why I didn’t like Yoh were part of the reason that I liked Hao, he kept a smile on his face but it seemed condescending because behind that he was a ruthless character. Throughout the series Hao seemed like a pretty cool character until the final battle where he got frustrated and acted somewhat out of character.

The anime had its own exclusive ending (something that I’m not a fan of anime in general) and to be honest I wasn’t sure how to take it. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t sinful or anything, if it’s ever decided that the anime will do reboot to stay more true to the manga, it’s something that I might watch.

Teenagers and adults could still watch the show, however they’d instantly notice how cheesy the show is as it loves to preach the power of friendship. In terms of a light hearted show with action, I’d say that Shaman King is a good choice.

Quick thoughts on guidance

Guidance is a very useful thing in life, or at least that’s what I’ve been told. I’m not someone who would say that guidance isn’t useful but maybe it’s overrated; I say this because of what I define as guidance, in comparison to what I’ve seen people refer to guidance as. To me Guidance is life advice that one gives to another based on life experiences that they’ve had, rather than pointless instructions (that lead you nowhere).

In my opinion, guidance is something that is hard to come by in life because everybody has their own path. If somebody is in a situation that you haven’t been in, then there’s not much that you can say to them that they’ll find useful because it’s an inexperienced point of view, you may be able to tell them something that they can take on board but you can’t expect it to have a lot of impact.

At the very most guidance can only be advice as a result of certain situations, but it can never be a set of instructions because it’s impossible to guide someone down a path that you don’t walk. Some people will definitely argue otherwise but it comes down to what you define guidance as.

This is just for life, if it’s for locations then guidance can be a set of instructions.

Real Madrid aren’t classy

Recently Real Madrid announced that long serving goal keeper Iker Casillas would be leaving the club this summer to join Porto which brought to an end a 25 year association with the club (If David De Gea’s arrival wasn’t obvious before, it is now). This is a result of the club trying to force him out; whether that’s true or not I don’t know but I do know that Real Madrid showed a true lack of class when it came to the situation. They gave him two press conferences (one consisted of him breaking down into tears, the other consisted of unsavoury chants towards the president Florentino Perez but at both many fans couldn’t attend).

This goes to show the character that Real Madrid represents. If I can compare Real Madrid to something, it would be a man that’s able to pick up any girl; as soon as this guy goes up to a girl, there’s very little chance of her rejecting him. Every girl that he gets is good looking (I’m talking 10/10) and when he gets the girl, he lets everyone know that she’s his partner until he realises that she’s no longer a 10/10 and then he gets rid of her casually as he goes back into the market. It doesn’t matter what the woman does for him, she’s got to be a 10/10 and if she’s not then he’s not involved.

That’s pretty much it.

Character representation in manga and anime

In manga and anime, there’s such a variety of characters and just like in any story some of these characters are great (characters like Goku, Edward Elric & L) whilst some of these characters just absolutely suck. It goes further than if the character is great or not though because some of these characters can be really deep, I’m not talking in the sense of their backstories but rather what the character represents.

A lot of characters represent different things and the story helps to bring them out; for example Yoh, the main character of the Shaman King series is an easygoing character, who more or less shows that you don’t have to take life too seriously and you don’t have to take yourself too seriously either. He wants to become the Shaman King in order to live an easy life which is pretty much a metaphor for working hard in life so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labour. The character representations (in my opinion) make a character more relatable because they might embody thoughts that you have about life; they also add another layer to the character.

Not all characters represent something (or maybe I haven’t understood what it is that they represent) and that’s definitely one thing that separates the great characters from the not so great characters. With that being said, there are still characters that aren’t really great that have been part of great stories (I’d name some but I feel that it’d come back to cause some stress). I could be very wrong about the whole character thing and they might not represent anything, in reality I might be reading into what isn’t there as many people tend to do.