The ‘news’

The media is ridiculous! I’m sure this is something that everybody knows, I honestly don’t have the word to describe the quality of the content that they feed to the public. Journalists are capable of producing news stories that can give the public hope about this world (lack of a better phrase) but they rarely ever do that. I’m not too sure about the rest of the world but whenever I look at newspapers and certain news channels, they always cover things that provide the most entertainment value; it’s almost as if every news outlet is slowly turning into E! News.

There are so many things happening day in and day out which means that there are plenty of chances for the world to be informed of actual news, like how Akon is paying out of his own pocket to bring electricity to over 600 million people across Africa. Instead we’re told about people trolling on the internet and people getting sex changes.

I’m not trying to get on my high horse and say that we should be receiving REAL NEWS (even though that’s basically what I’m doing), I’m trying to point out that we pay attention to a lot of crap and it becomes relevant because of that. When people say that they don’t pay attention to the news, I don’t blame them for avoiding it because there’s nothing of worth that’s being broadcast.

What’s really fucked up about it, is that the world needs the news otherwise there’s no way to keep up with these current events.


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