Fucked up shit on Twitter vol. 2

Given what the last post on this blog was, it feels a bit weird that I’m about to share some more weird shit that I’ve seen on twitter. I’m not sure if I’m being a hypocrite and if I am, then I’ve probably done that a lot on this blog and you’re still reading so maybe you accept it (or don’t care, either one works for me). Anyway back to twitter.

Fucking pictures man:

Everybody knows about the kind of pictures that you can find on twitter, I don’t have the word for them to be honest, I just know that these pictures make me say ‘what the fuck!’ without fail, every time I see them. I don’t want to rave on to much about it because every time I post about weird shit on twitter you’ll see pictures.

Trending topics:

So there’s a trending topic called #unconventionalblackbeauty which is celebrating just that. It’s a good hearted topic however twitter has chosen to very be twitter about it.

And then there’s this:

It’s not even fucked up, it’s just funny

And one more:


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