Calling people ‘failures’

Is it possible for somebody to be a failure? Personally I wouldn’t say so. To call somebody a failure is almost like calling them a waste of life. Some people do some really fucked up shit that makes you want to call them failures, people like George Zimmerman for example but the thing is he’s not a failure. A parasite? Yes, an awful human being? Also yes but a failure? No.

I don’t feel that anyone could be a failure because everybody in life serves a purpose. How can you be a failure when you have a purpose?

Failure is a demeaning word that shouldn’t be used in the case of humans.  Generally humans shouldn’t have the ability to judge a life that isn’t their own because they don’t know what’s going on. Even when thinking about it, I might be wrong for calling George Zimmerman a parasite (although I’m sure most people would agree that he is), since that’s nearly like calling someone a waste of life.

Then again I could be wrong and some people might be failure which I hope isn’t the case.


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