A message for the scrutinisers

(I assume) Everybody has found themselves in a situation where they’re trying to live their life, only to have it scrutinised by somebody who doesn’t see the full picture. The scrutinisers always feel that they’re helping by analysing your life however, they only serve to make things worse (in my case anyway), they’ll always tell you what your situation is, the problems and how you can improve it whilst they haven’t lived your life and the worst part about it is that they’ll only analyse things at face value which makes their analysis more invalid than it already is.

This post may turn into a rant (we’ll have to see) so if you don’t like those then stop reading.

When you have your life analysed by someone else, it brings out a lot of thoughts that were locked in the depths of your mind (maybe it’s not that deep but it brings out thoughts) and these thoughts can make any situation more difficult than it needs to be. It has you questioning yourself and in some cases you’ll question every decision that you make, out of the fear that it’ll be the wrong one even if there isn’t a wrong one to make. Sometimes it’s easy to disregard the thoughts but no matter what, they always come back around and they can influence the way you act and leave you asking yourself ‘what am I doing wrong?’

The only people in the wrong are the scrutinisers. It’s not fair that some people have their lives analysed (probably when they didn’t even ask) by other people who are only seeing half of the picture at best. They shouldn’t have to be worried about certain factors of their lives just because other people feel that they should be, at the end of the day what somebody does with themselves is their business, not the scrutiniser’s.

Everybody gives out advice once in a while but come on; there are levels to this shit. Scrutinisers are not trained professionals (if it’s even possible to professionally analyse life) they’re only people that think they know best (and in my opinion, they don’t even have a clue with their own lives). Scrutinisers have noble intentions however, when thinking about it there’s nothing noble about telling somebody how to live their life; nobody wants to hear that.

I feel that people need to be allowed to live and learn for themselves because that will help them to be happier and more confident.

To any scrutiniser reading this YOU’RE NOT HELPING ANYONE.


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