Fucked up shit on Twitter

I’m always going on about how the internet is weird and there’s a lot of generally fucked up shit on it, so much so that I like to affectionately refer to it as an armpit. Thanks to social media websites (mostly twitter) a lot of content that was confined to the armpits of the internet is available and easy to access; this isn’t necessarily a bad thing though (it’s exposed me to a lot of bullshit). With that being said, I’m someone that enjoys looking at this fucked up shit and I thought that I’d share some thoughts on these things.

Unexpected Jihad:

A twitter account that makes fun of 9/11, for a lot of people this is a sensitive topic but it’s presented in a humorous way. When you browse twitter, only to find a series of videos making fun of the plane crashes, you’ve seen it all; the creativity with it is amazing although if you laugh at it, you’re really fucked up (not that it’s a bad thing). This account definitely brings to light some of the jokes that people make about 9/11 privately, and the best thing about this account (in my opinion) is that it’s made by an American person. My first reaction to this account was ‘what the fuck!’ which shows that this account isn’t for the easily offended.


It’s a broad way to describe the topic however that’s what it is. There are so many weird videos on twitter that are honestly unexpected. I couldn’t tell you the amount of fucked up videos I’ve seen on twitter, all I can say is that you need to be a special kind of person to appreciate them. Since I offered a shitty explanation, I’ll post a link to make up for it. 


Only Jesus knows why people are freestyling about a brand that they can’t afford. Seriously, people are freestyling and a lot of them are fucking awful; thank God that trend didn’t last long. This isn’t really fucked up but it’s something I wanted to speak on.

Given how much I see on twitter, I’ll be writing about it a lot more…


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