Thank you?

What do the words ‘thank you’ actually mean and when should that statement be used?

Before I continue with this post, I’m not saying that people shouldn’t say thank you. Thank you is nice statement people.

It’s considered rude if you don’t say thank you when somebody compliments you because it can give off the impression that you’re full of yourself. It’s really not like that though, don’t get me wrong it’s good to appreciate the ‘thank you’ but sometimes it’s just unnecessary.

When you’re great at what you do, and you’re told that you’re great, should you say thanks? It doesn’t make much sense to say thank you to somebody for noticing something that you already know about yourself.

There’s definitely another side to this argument, which may justify saying thank you for receiving compliments which I can accept. It’s an interesting question to ask but this is my thought on it.


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