A quick thought

I hate education, I really do (as I’ve mentioned previously on this blog) however I must admit that it’s not without its benefits, the social benefits that is. During the years of education we’re taught all the academic subjects which can be very boring but the saving grace is the social links that are formed. Friendships formed from school can go a long way in life and lead towards so much, and that’s all thanks to education which is pretty weird.


Calling people ‘failures’

Is it possible for somebody to be a failure? Personally I wouldn’t say so. To call somebody a failure is almost like calling them a waste of life. Some people do some really fucked up shit that makes you want to call them failures, people like George Zimmerman for example but the thing is he’s not a failure. A parasite? Yes, an awful human being? Also yes but a failure? No.

I don’t feel that anyone could be a failure because everybody in life serves a purpose. How can you be a failure when you have a purpose?

Failure is a demeaning word that shouldn’t be used in the case of humans.  Generally humans shouldn’t have the ability to judge a life that isn’t their own because they don’t know what’s going on. Even when thinking about it, I might be wrong for calling George Zimmerman a parasite (although I’m sure most people would agree that he is), since that’s nearly like calling someone a waste of life.

Then again I could be wrong and some people might be failure which I hope isn’t the case.

A message for the scrutinisers

(I assume) Everybody has found themselves in a situation where they’re trying to live their life, only to have it scrutinised by somebody who doesn’t see the full picture. The scrutinisers always feel that they’re helping by analysing your life however, they only serve to make things worse (in my case anyway), they’ll always tell you what your situation is, the problems and how you can improve it whilst they haven’t lived your life and the worst part about it is that they’ll only analyse things at face value which makes their analysis more invalid than it already is.

This post may turn into a rant (we’ll have to see) so if you don’t like those then stop reading.

When you have your life analysed by someone else, it brings out a lot of thoughts that were locked in the depths of your mind (maybe it’s not that deep but it brings out thoughts) and these thoughts can make any situation more difficult than it needs to be. It has you questioning yourself and in some cases you’ll question every decision that you make, out of the fear that it’ll be the wrong one even if there isn’t a wrong one to make. Sometimes it’s easy to disregard the thoughts but no matter what, they always come back around and they can influence the way you act and leave you asking yourself ‘what am I doing wrong?’

The only people in the wrong are the scrutinisers. It’s not fair that some people have their lives analysed (probably when they didn’t even ask) by other people who are only seeing half of the picture at best. They shouldn’t have to be worried about certain factors of their lives just because other people feel that they should be, at the end of the day what somebody does with themselves is their business, not the scrutiniser’s.

Everybody gives out advice once in a while but come on; there are levels to this shit. Scrutinisers are not trained professionals (if it’s even possible to professionally analyse life) they’re only people that think they know best (and in my opinion, they don’t even have a clue with their own lives). Scrutinisers have noble intentions however, when thinking about it there’s nothing noble about telling somebody how to live their life; nobody wants to hear that.

I feel that people need to be allowed to live and learn for themselves because that will help them to be happier and more confident.

To any scrutiniser reading this YOU’RE NOT HELPING ANYONE.

Soundcloud alert

I blog a lot (well I try to) but sometimes, I want to say the things that I write so that there’s a better understanding of what I’m writing. Well it’s happening now. Soundcloud. Follow me.

I’ve got a soundcloud where I’ll be talking about a lot of interesting crap and what not. It will a lot better than this explanation, believe me!


Fucked up shit on Twitter

I’m always going on about how the internet is weird and there’s a lot of generally fucked up shit on it, so much so that I like to affectionately refer to it as an armpit. Thanks to social media websites (mostly twitter) a lot of content that was confined to the armpits of the internet is available and easy to access; this isn’t necessarily a bad thing though (it’s exposed me to a lot of bullshit). With that being said, I’m someone that enjoys looking at this fucked up shit and I thought that I’d share some thoughts on these things.

Unexpected Jihad:

A twitter account that makes fun of 9/11, for a lot of people this is a sensitive topic but it’s presented in a humorous way. When you browse twitter, only to find a series of videos making fun of the plane crashes, you’ve seen it all; the creativity with it is amazing although if you laugh at it, you’re really fucked up (not that it’s a bad thing). This account definitely brings to light some of the jokes that people make about 9/11 privately, and the best thing about this account (in my opinion) is that it’s made by an American person. My first reaction to this account was ‘what the fuck!’ which shows that this account isn’t for the easily offended.


It’s a broad way to describe the topic however that’s what it is. There are so many weird videos on twitter that are honestly unexpected. I couldn’t tell you the amount of fucked up videos I’ve seen on twitter, all I can say is that you need to be a special kind of person to appreciate them. Since I offered a shitty explanation, I’ll post a link to make up for it. 


Only Jesus knows why people are freestyling about a brand that they can’t afford. Seriously, people are freestyling and a lot of them are fucking awful; thank God that trend didn’t last long. This isn’t really fucked up but it’s something I wanted to speak on.

Given how much I see on twitter, I’ll be writing about it a lot more…

Superkick appreciation post

The Superkick is amazing period. It’s a simple kick yet it’s always amazing to see whenever it hits. I’m not sure who invented it but I know that I can thank wrestlers like Shawn Michaels, Dolph Ziggler, the Young Bucks and many more for using it so often. At this point in time, there is no such thing as a wrestling fan who doesn’t know what a superkick and to be honest words can’t describe how much I love this move so enjoy…

Apple owns life

How long will it take before Apple Inc takes over everything? 10, 20 maybe 50 years? Apple has already provided the world with computers, phones, tablets and there’s much more to the list; what’s really weird about it is the fact that most people prefer to have Apple products as opposed to other products just because. There will definitely be a point in time where there’s an Apple product for everything which will probably mean global domination for them (or close). It also means that the team iPhone/android argument will become global, with most people obviously screaming ‘team Apple!’

God Damnit.

WWE. Fans. Product. Why is it shit? You get the jist

WWE has a really strained relationship with its hardcore fan base don’t they? It’s a really weird relationship because whatever they do, they’re prone to pissing fans off (myself included). Lord knows how the relationship got this bad but the year 2009 probably has a lot to do with it, anyway that’s digressing from the point. A few eras ago fans were eating the WWE product for breakfast, they absolutely loved what they were being provided with and it seemed like the creative team at the company cared about providing compelling television.

It is a very different time for the WWE and when looking back at it, what they’re feeding to their fans now was expected. In 1999 WWE became a publicly traded company, which (when I thought about it) was an attempt to break into the world of mainstream sports. Every sport that is mainstream is credible (as corrupt as they might be), football, tennis and athletics are some examples this. WWE was a company that built itself on people beating each other up and whilst that’s really fucking cool, it can’t translate to the public as well as the other sports because it’s way more brutal (at least that’s the image that’s given).

WWE has always shown signs of going in this direction; the golden era of wrestling is a great example of this because every wrestler at that point was a cartoon character and it ended up with one particular cartoon character launching the company to heights that it previously dreamed of. WWE has continuously distanced itself from wrestling, referring to itself as sports entertainment and placing a particular amount of focus on the spectacle rather than the wrestling.

Looking at these factors (and there are a lot more), it becomes obvious that the product of WWE was going to decline because by becoming mainstream it decided to focus on a younger audience since that’s where the money lies. Children can’t distinguish the difference between good and bad wrestling, they only really care about something that excites (which is why the product is so promo heavy) whereas teenagers and adults are able to analyze the product which is probably part of the reason that the wrestling was so much better in the Ruthless Aggression era.

Now, when looking at the relationship between WWE and the fans, all of the things written go a long towards explaining it because WWE are in a position where they have to find a way to keep hardcore fans (mostly teenage and older males) happy whilst making sure that casual fans (kids & most women) are still invested in the product. WWE, more specifically Vince McMahon doesn’t like being told what to do (which is understandable) and the hardcore fan base are known very well for being armchair bookers (I do this too), it’s not easy for WWE to ignore it’s hardcore fan base, they tried to do it with Daniel Bryan and were forced to put the WWE world heavyweight championship on him. The WWE doesn’t listen to hardcore fans often, and to be honest why should they? The hardcore fans can turn on any wrestler in a heartbeat so it’s really hard to find a wrestler to sell to them.

“Do what’s best for business.” This is a term that’s come to define the WWE and the truth is that what the hardcore fans want isn’t what’s best for business. Had Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro and many other wrestlers on that roster joined the roster at a later time then there would be a huge possibility of WWE using those guys to connect with all fans especially given that most wrestlers these days sport an athletic build.

Anyway with all of that being said I reckon that the WWE’s relationship with fans will improve, especially with what’s going on in NXT.

Fucking up

There are those times where you’re fucking up and you know it, you know it very well. You tell yourself that you’re not doing well and at times you don’t even know why; what’s worse is that at the times that you feel you that you know why things aren’t going well, there’s nothing you can do about it. Well there is but it feels impossible.

It’s possible to have people talk to you about how you’re not doing well and they can even explain what they see to you in depth, yet their words won’t have you feeling the way that they’re intended to. It comes to a point that you’ve said ‘I’m fucking up’ so much to yourself that when other people say it, it doesn’t mean anything.  People can theorize but as much as they speculate, they’ll never really know what’s going on, leaving their opinion invalid.

These times are the worst because it honestly feels like you can’t do anything in general, even when you’re going through things that are easily solvable. There’ll always be an answer to every situation yet, these answers will be hidden to you because you spend time doubting yourself and your abilities. It isn’t a desirable situation to be in, in all honesty.

It’s like being a hole and it sucks.

There is a bright side to it though, it forces you to have to make you way out of the hole one way or another and you’ll probably be a better person for it.