Manga and Anime Culture. Amazing!

Gaara and Kankuro cosplayers

Manga and Anime are cool for a lot of reasons, one of them being that it has its own culture. That’s a bit of a generic thing to say since anything can have a culture develop around it but (from what I’ve seen) anime culture links to other cultures.

Football is an example of something that has a culture which is diverse since the sport is worldwide but it doesn’t really connect to the cultures of any countries, it doesn’t even link to other sporting culture (in my opinion). Manga and Anime are part of a “nerd culture” (even though it’s not nerdy… Very confusing) so it links to things like games, it can even serve as a bridge between westerners who are interested in Japanese culture and Japan.

The fact that some people see Anime as a way of life says so much about the actual thing itself (although this can be said for many things). The things that have come about as a result of manga and anime are amazing as well, they have given the world abridged series, games and events where fans can gather together and connect.

The culture is understandably stronger in Japan than it is anywhere else, but the culture has infiltrated other parts of the world which means that it can only expand, and that’s something that I look forward to.

It would be a real win for me if I could help the culture expand!


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