Jose Mourinho… A very interesting/entertaining manager

Jose Mourinho (Right) and Arsene Wenger

Jose Mourinho is one of the best managers ever (in my opinion), not just for his tactical genius (which some say is “parking the bus”) but also for his attitude towards the game, he’s an individual just generally seems to antagonise the sport wherever he goes. Usually someone like this shouldn’t be respected but when looking at what Mourinho has done over his career along with what he’s doing now, you’ll realise that he’s allowed to do this.

One of the most interesting things about Jose Mourinho is the ongoing feud that he has with Arsenal FC manager Arsene Wenger, it dates back to 2005 and as the years have gone on, it’s become more and more entertaining. Mourinho antagonises Wenger and it’s really funny because it’s like watching a hero and a villain fight only that the villain wins and comes back for more later down the line. The two managers have made a number of quotes about each other with Mourinho’s being more scathing and it must hurt Wenger that he’s never won a match against Mourinho.

Mourinho is an interesting personality… To be honest I’ve forgotten where I’m going with this so enjoy some of the quotes that he’s made with regards to Arsenal and Mr. Wenger.


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