You’ve got to love wrestling fans

The wrestling fan community are a funny bunch, it’s full of so many different characters. There are the casual fans and the hardcore fans and both are diverse, the hardcore fan base is way more interesting though, due to how vocal they are about wrestling as a whole.

I guess it’s like anything that has a fan base, every fan has so much to say to each other and to reminisce over. Wrestling can bring up good memories, like those of the attitude era or WCW when it was kicking WWF’s arse in the Monday night Wars (if only I was old enough to remember). They always have the most interesting arguments as to why the independent circuit has the best wrestling and of course you’ll never hear a hardcore fan say that WWE is good (maybe not never).

They make it very hard for WWE to work angles, since they’re always able to get their hands on dirtsheets and other valuable information (e.g. the card for Extreme Rules 2015). There are a lot of things that wrestling fans do which makes them interesting (I would know).

My favourite thing about them is how they love to criticise promotions (WWE in particular) and still watch the product anyway. The best part being that no promotion is safe from this onslaught, even casual fans sometimes complain (I complain all the time and still watch WWE).

Wrestling fans make the product and will be polarised for years so as a fan of the fans I’m going to enjoy the ride!

(I know this is cheesy)


One thought on “You’ve got to love wrestling fans

  1. I used to like wrestling, but stopped watching it because I don’t like the direction the industry took. It’s weird that people would continue to watch something they don’t like just to moan about it. I guess they are in a hard spot though as there aren’t many easy to find alternative promotions on TV.

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