The easy way out

Life doesn’t have an easy way out of things which is cool I guess but at one point or another everybody has been in a situation where they wished there was an easy way out of it. Even though this is something that is often wished for, is the easy way out a good thing? Would you feel good with yourself if you took an easy route out rather than working your way out? (personally I wouldn’t care)

It turns out that whether most people would feel good for taking the easy way out of a situation or not, it wouldn’t be well received anyway. Someone told me that taking the easy way out is defeat, they used steroids as an example and said it was defeatism in its purest form.

To look for an easy way out of a situation implies that you don’t have the power to do it yourself, which could also mean that you don’t trust in your own ability to deal with situations that you find yourself in. It could also mean that you’re lazy and a lot of other horrible things. They hard way is exhausting but supposedly it feels more rewarding, it also entitles you to have opinions on the situation that you might not have had if you got out the easy way. On top of that you can have a thicker skin to public perception.

A lot of things are gained through hard work (or so I’ve heard) so it’s understandable why people don’t respect taking the easy way out of a situation and to be honest, it’s hard (almost impossible) to argue against the value of hard work.

In my honest opinion though, if there’s an easy way out then fuck the hard work. Getting through a situation is more important than how you got through the situation (in most cases). With that being said, I still respect those who choose to use their own power to get out of a situation rather than a lifeline.


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