I don’t like DLC

I hate DLC (although I buy it), I really fucking hate it. DLC serves a good enough purpose which makes it appear noble (honestly can’t find a better word) but it’s evil I tell you.

Completing a game isn’t enough sometimes and it’s always good to have more things to do in terms of a storyline, or even just to have access to other features and this is what DLC provides, it’s the answer to the prayers that many gamers had when they were playing Playstation 2, Gamecube, Xbox and other consoles of that generation.

DLC has definitely been exploited by some gaming companies (EA Sports) which is frustrating. At this point in time I’m not sure if its point is to provide players with more hours of entertainment or if it’s just another way for gaming companies to make money.

EA Sports has sinned various times with DLC and their antics are known throughout the gaming community (EA’s sins could make another post). Ubisoft are another company that has done gamers wrong with DLC, in this case I’m talking about Assassin’s Creed. Anyone that’s played the series will remember Lucy, one of Desmond’s (the main character) allies being stabbed for what seemed to be no reason. If you didn’t buy the DLC for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood then in Assassin’s Creed 3 it will magically turn out that Lucy was a templar. Something that important to the story should be put in the game rather than as an add on for £9.99 (as a wrestling fan, I don’t like that number).

Sometimes DLC is forced upon gamers (anyone that has Super Street Fighter IV will definitely understand this) and this shouldn’t be the case, DLC should be advertised in a way that makes players want to buy it but is shouldn’t impact so deeply on the game if you don’t have it.

Looking at it, it may be time to get out my PS2 (and stop bitching) because fuck DLC.


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