Another quick question

Why does wordpress list certain comments as spam when they’re not? Seriously? Since I started blogging using wordpress I’ve been wondering this, it’s a bit weird when somebody looks at a post and writes a legit response only for it to be sent to the spam section.

I know that I could just unspam the comments though, so… Yeah.

I’m not really sure if it’s a case of no harm done here.


Manga and Anime Culture. Amazing!

Gaara and Kankuro cosplayers

Manga and Anime are cool for a lot of reasons, one of them being that it has its own culture. That’s a bit of a generic thing to say since anything can have a culture develop around it but (from what I’ve seen) anime culture links to other cultures.

Football is an example of something that has a culture which is diverse since the sport is worldwide but it doesn’t really connect to the cultures of any countries, it doesn’t even link to other sporting culture (in my opinion). Manga and Anime are part of a “nerd culture” (even though it’s not nerdy… Very confusing) so it links to things like games, it can even serve as a bridge between westerners who are interested in Japanese culture and Japan.

The fact that some people see Anime as a way of life says so much about the actual thing itself (although this can be said for many things). The things that have come about as a result of manga and anime are amazing as well, they have given the world abridged series, games and events where fans can gather together and connect.

The culture is understandably stronger in Japan than it is anywhere else, but the culture has infiltrated other parts of the world which means that it can only expand, and that’s something that I look forward to.

It would be a real win for me if I could help the culture expand!

Jose Mourinho… A very interesting/entertaining manager

Jose Mourinho (Right) and Arsene Wenger

Jose Mourinho is one of the best managers ever (in my opinion), not just for his tactical genius (which some say is “parking the bus”) but also for his attitude towards the game, he’s an individual just generally seems to antagonise the sport wherever he goes. Usually someone like this shouldn’t be respected but when looking at what Mourinho has done over his career along with what he’s doing now, you’ll realise that he’s allowed to do this.

One of the most interesting things about Jose Mourinho is the ongoing feud that he has with Arsenal FC manager Arsene Wenger, it dates back to 2005 and as the years have gone on, it’s become more and more entertaining. Mourinho antagonises Wenger and it’s really funny because it’s like watching a hero and a villain fight only that the villain wins and comes back for more later down the line. The two managers have made a number of quotes about each other with Mourinho’s being more scathing and it must hurt Wenger that he’s never won a match against Mourinho.

Mourinho is an interesting personality… To be honest I’ve forgotten where I’m going with this so enjoy some of the quotes that he’s made with regards to Arsenal and Mr. Wenger.

The easy way out

Life doesn’t have an easy way out of things which is cool I guess but at one point or another everybody has been in a situation where they wished there was an easy way out of it. Even though this is something that is often wished for, is the easy way out a good thing? Would you feel good with yourself if you took an easy route out rather than working your way out? (personally I wouldn’t care)

It turns out that whether most people would feel good for taking the easy way out of a situation or not, it wouldn’t be well received anyway. Someone told me that taking the easy way out is defeat, they used steroids as an example and said it was defeatism in its purest form.

To look for an easy way out of a situation implies that you don’t have the power to do it yourself, which could also mean that you don’t trust in your own ability to deal with situations that you find yourself in. It could also mean that you’re lazy and a lot of other horrible things. They hard way is exhausting but supposedly it feels more rewarding, it also entitles you to have opinions on the situation that you might not have had if you got out the easy way. On top of that you can have a thicker skin to public perception.

A lot of things are gained through hard work (or so I’ve heard) so it’s understandable why people don’t respect taking the easy way out of a situation and to be honest, it’s hard (almost impossible) to argue against the value of hard work.

In my honest opinion though, if there’s an easy way out then fuck the hard work. Getting through a situation is more important than how you got through the situation (in most cases). With that being said, I still respect those who choose to use their own power to get out of a situation rather than a lifeline.

You’ve got to love wrestling fans

The wrestling fan community are a funny bunch, it’s full of so many different characters. There are the casual fans and the hardcore fans and both are diverse, the hardcore fan base is way more interesting though, due to how vocal they are about wrestling as a whole.

I guess it’s like anything that has a fan base, every fan has so much to say to each other and to reminisce over. Wrestling can bring up good memories, like those of the attitude era or WCW when it was kicking WWF’s arse in the Monday night Wars (if only I was old enough to remember). They always have the most interesting arguments as to why the independent circuit has the best wrestling and of course you’ll never hear a hardcore fan say that WWE is good (maybe not never).

They make it very hard for WWE to work angles, since they’re always able to get their hands on dirtsheets and other valuable information (e.g. the card for Extreme Rules 2015). There are a lot of things that wrestling fans do which makes them interesting (I would know).

My favourite thing about them is how they love to criticise promotions (WWE in particular) and still watch the product anyway. The best part being that no promotion is safe from this onslaught, even casual fans sometimes complain (I complain all the time and still watch WWE).

Wrestling fans make the product and will be polarised for years so as a fan of the fans I’m going to enjoy the ride!

(I know this is cheesy)

A great Manchester derby

I don’t usually write posts in the football section of this blog (in fact the last time was in September) but yesterday was a special occasion. Manchester United and Manchester City clashed again in the Manchester derby and United weren’t boasting a great record having lost four derbies in a row.

United were on a good run of form whereas City weren’t so it was always going to be an interesting affair.

Skipping all the important stuff, Manchester United won 4-2 and the score line doesn’t even reflect the match! United dominated city from about 15 minutes into the match and it was just so beautiful to watch City who were title contenders (LOL) to collapse in such a fashion.

They were truly a calamity.

Anyway here are some of twitter thoughts on the match:

Happiness the manga with so much potential!

Happiness, it’s a new series but it looks like it has the potential to be FUCKING AWESOME! So far there have only been three chapters so it’s too early to do any sort of analysis (early for me anyway).

The series seems to be about a boy who becomes a vampire, however that’s all that I’ve gotten from it so far. Usually I’m not into anything that involves vampires purely because vampires aren’t scary or interesting and apparently there was a movie series or something that completely ruined any credibility that vampires had (that’s just what I heard though).

The first three chapters were so gripping, and it’s honestly very hard to say why. All I know is that as a fan of manga and Anime, this is a series that you should pay attention to!

Here’s a link to the 1st chapter:

I don’t like DLC

I hate DLC (although I buy it), I really fucking hate it. DLC serves a good enough purpose which makes it appear noble (honestly can’t find a better word) but it’s evil I tell you.

Completing a game isn’t enough sometimes and it’s always good to have more things to do in terms of a storyline, or even just to have access to other features and this is what DLC provides, it’s the answer to the prayers that many gamers had when they were playing Playstation 2, Gamecube, Xbox and other consoles of that generation.

DLC has definitely been exploited by some gaming companies (EA Sports) which is frustrating. At this point in time I’m not sure if its point is to provide players with more hours of entertainment or if it’s just another way for gaming companies to make money.

EA Sports has sinned various times with DLC and their antics are known throughout the gaming community (EA’s sins could make another post). Ubisoft are another company that has done gamers wrong with DLC, in this case I’m talking about Assassin’s Creed. Anyone that’s played the series will remember Lucy, one of Desmond’s (the main character) allies being stabbed for what seemed to be no reason. If you didn’t buy the DLC for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood then in Assassin’s Creed 3 it will magically turn out that Lucy was a templar. Something that important to the story should be put in the game rather than as an add on for £9.99 (as a wrestling fan, I don’t like that number).

Sometimes DLC is forced upon gamers (anyone that has Super Street Fighter IV will definitely understand this) and this shouldn’t be the case, DLC should be advertised in a way that makes players want to buy it but is shouldn’t impact so deeply on the game if you don’t have it.

Looking at it, it may be time to get out my PS2 (and stop bitching) because fuck DLC.

Thoughts on WrestleMania 31

WrestleMania 31 was so much better than I expected, in terms of recent years this may have been the best WrestleMania that WWE has put on. There were a few unnecessary spots at WrestleMania but it didn’t really take away from the event, the wrestlers knew that they had to bring their A-game and they did (John Cena even produced a 6th move).  The most amazing thing about WrestleMania was that WWE’s creative team showed that they have more than one brain cell between all 20+ of them (they have two, maybe even three).

From a wrestling standpoint WWE are going to find it hard to outdo WrestleMania 31 because all of the wrestlers showed that they could bring more moves to the table when it counts. With that being said, WWE still found a way to showcase their distinctive style meaning that the wrestlers didn’t show what they were fully capable of.

There are a lot of reasons for me to bitch about WrestleMania 31 but after seeing what WWE did with Triple H vs. Sting, I won’t. The match itself wasn’t great (I don’t even think it was good) and I won’t get started on the whole DX vs. nWo scenario however the result of the match was unexpected (for me anyway), it was a (not so) classy gesture from WWE towards WCW fans worldwide as we were all reminded that WWE won the Monday Night Wars.

A lot of the results were unexpected with one of them being very frustrating. The Undertaker defeated Bray Wyatt and it didn’t make much sense, however fans were happy to see it so there wasn’t too much damage done.

The event was a spectacle and it made me excited (something that WWE hasn’t done since 2013). It looks like WWE is heading towards sunnier days with John Cena as the United States champion and Daniel Bryan being the Intercontinental champion and I want to see where they are at the end of the year.

The best part of WrestleMania was undoubtedly Seth Rollins cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase and becoming the new WWE world heavyweight champion. It was well deserved and it was one of the very few things WWE has done right in terms of talent direction in the past year.

I guess Vince McMahon doesn’t have to go… yet