Thoughts on Yu-Gi-Oh! (The damn 4kids dub)


Yu-Gi-Oh! The series that inspired a world famous card game with incredibly confusing rules. The card game itself is enough to get its own post (not that it will) so this post will focus on the original series because as far as I’m concerned everything from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX sucked.

There’s one major thing that affects the viewing experience and that is whether you watched the original dub or the 4kids dub (there’s the Singapore dub but that’s just so bad that there’s no word for it) and unfortunately I watched the 4kids dub.

The 4kids dub of Yu-Gi-Oh! committed so many sins that it’s actually a miracle that it wasn’t cancelled. For starters the voice acting was terrible!!! and the number of exclamation marks aren’t enough to describe how bad it was (I was unable to find the original dub). The voices didn’t really seem to suit the characters (with the exception of the pharaoh and Seto Kaiba), Joey had a Brooklyn accent which made no sense at all, Tristan had a voice which was understandably changed around 10 episodes into the series and I could keep going on about the voices but there is so much more.

Throughout the course of the series whenever a magic, trap or monster card with an effect was played the characters felt the need to constantly repeat the effect of said card despite the effect being explained when the card was played. It’s fine to remind the opponent of the effect but to say the effect of the card 3 times within a minute is too much! It’s as if 4kids thought their audience were deaf or even worse retarded.

There were a lot of unexplained events in the series like how Tristan threw Bakura’s millennium ring off a roof into a jungle and it just magically reappeared around his neck (seriously I’m not lying). Marik’s hatred of Yugi made no sense either, if he wanted to be the pharaoh that’s fine but why did he desperately want to send Yugi to the shadow realm? (I’m not even going to touch on the shadow realm in this post) he sent so many people at Yugi with the intention of harming him and his friends due to the fact that his dad stripped away his childhood and forced him into being a tomb keeper even though the pharaoh had been dead for a few millennia by that point.

To be fair a lot of things in the anime were rewritten so they didn’t happen the way that the manga told it, which probably explains the confusing elements.

When looking at it, it would have made a lot more sense if the series was called luck of the draw given that every character happened to draw the right card at the right time. The series decided to pass it off as the heart of the cards which I honestly have no opinion on.

The series was good and interesting nonetheless and if 4kids hadn’t 4kidized the dub that I watched then I know that half of the things written in this post would be irrelevant. Despite all of the complaints in this post, it’s definitely a series that I’d watch again and with my kids because it’s something that can engross you.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Yu-Gi-Oh! (The damn 4kids dub)

  1. One thing that I have learned from Blackjack and Hearthstone is that I don’t have the heart of the cards. I never get lucky with draws. The original Yu-Gi-Oh series was fun to watch, even if 4Kids butchered things like they usually do.

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