Bloggers are awesome

Reading and writing is power, the world needs the people who do these things for many reasons. In other words the world needs everybody that lives in it (without trying to sound cliché) because we all help each other and what not. It makes me realise how important bloggers are and how they can help people in various ways with the bits of advice that they put up on their respective blogs as well as the general insight that they have on various things.

Whilst searching, I came across a lot of blogs with incredible posts and all of them were entertaining and/or helpful. It showed that there are a lot of deep thinkers and good people whose natures come out through their writing (hopefully this isn’t a front). They were posts that I personally couldn’t imagine myself reading which is what made it even better because in the future I know that I’ll read these types of posts. There are quite a few bloggers that I share mutual interests with which means that I can always turn to those blogs when I need to read something.

Some good blogs that I came across include: The Otaku Judge, 10Cities 10Years, The Ninth Life & Pop Culture Uncovered. There are so many blogs that are great reads to be honest and that’s the point. From what I’ve seen bloggers don’t get given the credit they deserve but they should be because these guys have so much power at their finger tips.


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