A serious life lesson

Life loves to throw lessons left, right and centre and it’s nothing like school. If you miss a lesson in school then the chances are you’ll have to catch up in your own time or the teacher will explain it to you in such a way that the lesson appears simpler than it actually is. Life however is a bitch. I’m grateful for its bitchiness mostly because when you miss a lesson that life tries to teach you, the lesson comes back at another time and it always seems to be more forward and harsher.

One of the biggest lessons that life has to offer is to do you a.k.a. fuck the world or accept what you are. Life seems to stress this lesson, which is good when you’re trying to find yourself as an individual. It’s really hard to be you because when you do something that you’re completely comfortable with, there will always be somebody judging and it makes you ashamed to be yourself because acceptance is such a high priority in society.

Acceptance is very over rated in my opinion. Unless you’re accepting yourself then it’s just fine. Life can and will show you what happens when you don’t accept yourself and it’s always negative, even if you deny that it’s not negative other people around you will see the negative effects.

Anybody who’s ever said fuck the world has definitely been through some shit and knows what they’re talking about.


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