You only live once! (Maybe, maybe not) in life that usually means to enjoy it or do something that you personally believe is worthwhile; either way just don’t let your time go to waste. It’s pretty hard to gauge what is a waste of time and what isn’t; some things that you do at one point in your life, you’ll regret doing at a later point and things that you regard as a waste of time can turn out to be useful.

In life (I guess) you’ve got to create a legacy that you can be proud of because what you leave behind will represent you. For me hopefully this blog helps in creating a long lasting legacy, hopefully it brings a lot of readers and helps me to connect with people who agree with my thoughts. It’s always good to make yourself stand out so that you can be remembered (for good things).

I’m still young and I’m going to continue building my legacy and hopefully I’ll see loads of people my age building their legacy and joining the ones who have been noticed for doing so.


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