some thoughts on the UK-US rap link up

Kanye and Skepta

Not too long ago, Kanye West was at the Brit awards performing All Day and the stage was packed with grime artists. This showed that Kanye pays attention to the music scene in the UK (or at least the rappers) and this could be the break that UK rap has needed and deserved for so long.

Rappers in the US do pay attention to the UK scene, Danny Brown has made it known that he’s a huge fan of grime music and there are many more US artists that appreciate grime and other forms of UK rap; however they’ve only shown an appreciation and haven’t fully reached out to the UK in order to do the same kind of music. For years it’s been the UK chasing after the US and trying to do music that the US does and it’s great to see that the positions could change around.

UK rap has always had the potential to break out and be noticed a huge scale and now it’s getting the chance to prove what it’s about. So far the US are still continuing to link up with the UK, with Skepta and Flatbush Zombies having collaborated on a track and a collaboration between Skepta occurring sometime in the future.

This is a very exciting time for UK rap as it means that in the future there could possibly be a lot more US-UK collaborations and it’s possible to see up and comers from both nations teaming together to rip it up in the charts. Being from the UK, it’s always good to see good things coming in this direction (now if only England could win the next world cup or Ghana since that’s my heritage).

Hopefully this will allow the UK to focus on its own sound and make America take note and hopefully this won’t be a trend that America takes for a few years and then throws away.


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