Street Fighter… Awesome!

The cast of Street Fighter 2

There are way too many games that I forget about and by doing that I disrespect them, so that’s going to have to be corrected. Most of those games will probably continue to receive disrespect from me just because… but that’s not the point, the point is that Street Fighter is no longer on the disrespect list!

We all know what Street Fighter is about and if you don’t, well go and have a fight with somebody and you’ll understand instantly (alternatively you could play the game, or look at the wiki to find out the back story). Needless to say it’s a fun game and all of that jazz plus it’s pretty easy to get to grips with (despite the God damn analogue motions), it’s not one of those games where understanding the story is crucial to enjoying the game (probably because it’s badly written), it’s simply something to de-stress you.

I haven’t played all of the Street Fighter games unfortunately which sucks, but they are more or less the same thing with a few tweaks.

Despite being violent, it’s got such a childish feel to it which makes the game more appealing because children that aren’t supposed to play it will play it anyway and really take to the game (like a lot of other games). The characters are fun as well which is probably why I don’t mind that a lot of them have back stories that absolutely suck!

In all honesty, I can bash a lot of things about Street Fighter and the game will still be awesome.


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