Lazy is good!

Being lazy is too much fun, it’s a shame that it never gets you anywhere (or that’s what THEY say, whoever THEY are). It’s understandable why being lazy is bad because if you don’t do anything with your day then it means that you’re not moving forward. But being lazy is so relaxing, it can really help people and to be honest it doesn’t get enough credit (in my opinion).

When you have a lazy day, it’s enjoyable because then you can let go of thoughts that have been crowding you and it can be a great time to recoup. That’s satisfying because it allows you to rationalise everything that’s bothering you and see if it’s really a problem or if you’re making a mountain out of a molehill. For the most part it’s the second thing.

If you’re too lazy then bad things will happen but that’s just common sense, even then there’s nothing wrong with resting your body because it can come under a bucket load of stress.

(Maybe it’s only me that’s noticed this) Active people are always in a rush to do something and never seem to calm down, it’s admirable that they want to do something productive all the time but the body can’t always handle that. With a lot of active people (that I’ve seen) they look older and tend to be more judgemental of things. Would you rather be chilled or judgemental?

Basically the point is to chill out.

(I’m super lazy but you probably realised this).


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