What if Pokémon were real?


What if Pokémon were real? It would be a really mad world (just like if the Dragon Balls were real) just for the fact that there’d be odd creatures doing our bidding for our amusement. If Pokémon were ever real, school would basically be useless (not much difference there) and everybody would explore the world without much to worry about; sounds ideal doesn’t it? The thing is that it wouldn’t be ideal because somebody would be there to ruin the moment.

Team Rocket, remember those guys? They wouldn’t exist but there would be a group of people in their place doing similar things and generally making the world harder for everybody to live in. In fact when thinking about a world with Pokémon the world would probably still be what it is now with Pokémon being used for everything instead of technology, meaning that they would be our transport, weapons and other things. The world would be a great place but at the same time it would raise some serious questions about humans (I’m not trying to promote equality between humans and animals).

There are definitely a bunch of things that Pokémon would do for the world (that I’m not noticing at this point in time) good and bad. The best of those things probably being that everyone would be a pro Pokémon trainer meaning that things like degrees and education would be useless (I really don’t like education as you’ve guessed).

At this point, the post really isn’t going anywhere so that’s it.


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