If Ronda Rousey went to WWE

“Rowdy” Ronda Rousey

“Rowdy” Ronda Rousey is a fucking beast! Let’s be honest now, she’s undefeated in her MMA career and yesterday she added to that streak with a 14 second win over the #1 contender for her bantamweight title Cat Zingano (who was also undefeated).  The match was over as quickly as it started and that’s not much of an exaggeration, in fact the match was finished so quickly that Cat Zingano was in absolute disbelief as she could only say ‘I wanna do it again… just fuck!’

When Rousey retires from MMA (possibly undefeated) the likelihood is that she’ll go into full time acting but imagine if she went into pro wrestling. She is a fan of WWE and it’s not as if WWE would pass up on an opportunity to take her. One thing that’s for sure is that she’d bring some much needed exposure to women’s wrestling (or at least the WWE Divas division) and as a bonus she knows how to fight unlike most of the women that WWE sign.

The would be a lot of possibilities for her when thinking about it because seeing Ronda Rousey taking on any of the women in the WWE locker room in a singles match wouldn’t be buyable. There’s just no way anyone would expect her to lose, in fact it would be confusing if it weren’t a squash match. WWE could possibly have Rousey take on the men (which would be interesting if she had creative freedom) and possibly even winning titles.

Seeing Rousey in a wrestling ring would be something to savour, even if it was just a onetime deal just due to the fact that WWE doesn’t have anything that resembles a dominant woman at this point (it was AJ Lee but maybe not for much longer). It would be hard to imagine how people would fan out to Rousey absolutely wrecking a competitor, I’d have to put that one vine or something if I’m honest.

Of course none of this will happen ever because when Ronda Rousey goes into the octagon, it’s definitely not a pg-13 affair and a bunch of other reasons too.


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