Some stuff about WrestleMania

WrestleMania 31 is coming on is a few hours and hopefully it will be better  than WrestleMania XXX as that was disappointing for a number of reasons. The card has a decent line up and hopefully it’s not going to be as predictable as it looks otherwise the excitement will be for nothing.

There’s not much to this post, only that WrestleMania needs to be a good event otherwise, I’m going to make a lot of money buy some shares in WWE, and hopefully get to the point where I have enough control to influence creative decisions.

In other, if WrestleMania disappoints then Vince McMahon’s got to go!


Thoughts on Yu-Gi-Oh! (The damn 4kids dub)


Yu-Gi-Oh! The series that inspired a world famous card game with incredibly confusing rules. The card game itself is enough to get its own post (not that it will) so this post will focus on the original series because as far as I’m concerned everything from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX sucked.

There’s one major thing that affects the viewing experience and that is whether you watched the original dub or the 4kids dub (there’s the Singapore dub but that’s just so bad that there’s no word for it) and unfortunately I watched the 4kids dub.

The 4kids dub of Yu-Gi-Oh! committed so many sins that it’s actually a miracle that it wasn’t cancelled. For starters the voice acting was terrible!!! and the number of exclamation marks aren’t enough to describe how bad it was (I was unable to find the original dub). The voices didn’t really seem to suit the characters (with the exception of the pharaoh and Seto Kaiba), Joey had a Brooklyn accent which made no sense at all, Tristan had a voice which was understandably changed around 10 episodes into the series and I could keep going on about the voices but there is so much more.

Throughout the course of the series whenever a magic, trap or monster card with an effect was played the characters felt the need to constantly repeat the effect of said card despite the effect being explained when the card was played. It’s fine to remind the opponent of the effect but to say the effect of the card 3 times within a minute is too much! It’s as if 4kids thought their audience were deaf or even worse retarded.

There were a lot of unexplained events in the series like how Tristan threw Bakura’s millennium ring off a roof into a jungle and it just magically reappeared around his neck (seriously I’m not lying). Marik’s hatred of Yugi made no sense either, if he wanted to be the pharaoh that’s fine but why did he desperately want to send Yugi to the shadow realm? (I’m not even going to touch on the shadow realm in this post) he sent so many people at Yugi with the intention of harming him and his friends due to the fact that his dad stripped away his childhood and forced him into being a tomb keeper even though the pharaoh had been dead for a few millennia by that point.

To be fair a lot of things in the anime were rewritten so they didn’t happen the way that the manga told it, which probably explains the confusing elements.

When looking at it, it would have made a lot more sense if the series was called luck of the draw given that every character happened to draw the right card at the right time. The series decided to pass it off as the heart of the cards which I honestly have no opinion on.

The series was good and interesting nonetheless and if 4kids hadn’t 4kidized the dub that I watched then I know that half of the things written in this post would be irrelevant. Despite all of the complaints in this post, it’s definitely a series that I’d watch again and with my kids because it’s something that can engross you.


People gain and lose contact with each other and in all that (I reckon) there’s four impressions that they’ll leave with you.

  • Some people you’ll be grateful for having entered your life
  • Some people you’ll be grateful for having entered your life until you realise that they shouldn’t be there
  • Some people you’ll immediately know shouldn’t be in your life
  • Some people you’ll feel shouldn’t be in your life only to realise that they really did deserve a place

There may be more but it’s these four that stick out to me.

Bloggers are awesome

Reading and writing is power, the world needs the people who do these things for many reasons. In other words the world needs everybody that lives in it (without trying to sound cliché) because we all help each other and what not. It makes me realise how important bloggers are and how they can help people in various ways with the bits of advice that they put up on their respective blogs as well as the general insight that they have on various things.

Whilst searching, I came across a lot of blogs with incredible posts and all of them were entertaining and/or helpful. It showed that there are a lot of deep thinkers and good people whose natures come out through their writing (hopefully this isn’t a front). They were posts that I personally couldn’t imagine myself reading which is what made it even better because in the future I know that I’ll read these types of posts. There are quite a few bloggers that I share mutual interests with which means that I can always turn to those blogs when I need to read something.

Some good blogs that I came across include: The Otaku Judge, 10Cities 10Years, The Ninth Life & Pop Culture Uncovered. There are so many blogs that are great reads to be honest and that’s the point. From what I’ve seen bloggers don’t get given the credit they deserve but they should be because these guys have so much power at their finger tips.

A serious life lesson

Life loves to throw lessons left, right and centre and it’s nothing like school. If you miss a lesson in school then the chances are you’ll have to catch up in your own time or the teacher will explain it to you in such a way that the lesson appears simpler than it actually is. Life however is a bitch. I’m grateful for its bitchiness mostly because when you miss a lesson that life tries to teach you, the lesson comes back at another time and it always seems to be more forward and harsher.

One of the biggest lessons that life has to offer is to do you a.k.a. fuck the world or accept what you are. Life seems to stress this lesson, which is good when you’re trying to find yourself as an individual. It’s really hard to be you because when you do something that you’re completely comfortable with, there will always be somebody judging and it makes you ashamed to be yourself because acceptance is such a high priority in society.

Acceptance is very over rated in my opinion. Unless you’re accepting yourself then it’s just fine. Life can and will show you what happens when you don’t accept yourself and it’s always negative, even if you deny that it’s not negative other people around you will see the negative effects.

Anybody who’s ever said fuck the world has definitely been through some shit and knows what they’re talking about.

One of my goals

There are a few things that I’m going to accomplish in my lifetime; one of them is speaking at a university or publicly about my views on life. Everybody is different which means that there are millions of different views on life and I’ve always wanted to tell people about my views on life. You might wonder why I say at a university and that simply because it would feel awesome.

I spend a lot of time thinking about life (mine in particular), a lot of the time the thoughts tend to be about the meaning of life, what to do to be happy and generally improving as a human being. I don’t have the answers to these things and I don’t know if I ever will, but I know that I’ve come up with some interesting theories and I’d love to see the reaction that they get.

To speak at a uni or in general requires maturity (I think) and that’s something that comes with experience. It’s not beyond anybody to mature because that’s just what you do in life; maturity brings better ideas and more talking points.

I’ve seen people speak publicly, pretty much about anything that they want to and I’ve always had a great respect for people that aren’t afraid to let their thoughts known (although some thoughts are better kept secret). Whenever people speak about what they think or believe in, it makes me want to do the same.

Even if it were only to happen once, I’d be grateful for the experience.

If you’ve got time then watch this:


You only live once! (Maybe, maybe not) in life that usually means to enjoy it or do something that you personally believe is worthwhile; either way just don’t let your time go to waste. It’s pretty hard to gauge what is a waste of time and what isn’t; some things that you do at one point in your life, you’ll regret doing at a later point and things that you regard as a waste of time can turn out to be useful.

In life (I guess) you’ve got to create a legacy that you can be proud of because what you leave behind will represent you. For me hopefully this blog helps in creating a long lasting legacy, hopefully it brings a lot of readers and helps me to connect with people who agree with my thoughts. It’s always good to make yourself stand out so that you can be remembered (for good things).

I’m still young and I’m going to continue building my legacy and hopefully I’ll see loads of people my age building their legacy and joining the ones who have been noticed for doing so.

some thoughts on the UK-US rap link up

Kanye and Skepta

Not too long ago, Kanye West was at the Brit awards performing All Day and the stage was packed with grime artists. This showed that Kanye pays attention to the music scene in the UK (or at least the rappers) and this could be the break that UK rap has needed and deserved for so long.

Rappers in the US do pay attention to the UK scene, Danny Brown has made it known that he’s a huge fan of grime music and there are many more US artists that appreciate grime and other forms of UK rap; however they’ve only shown an appreciation and haven’t fully reached out to the UK in order to do the same kind of music. For years it’s been the UK chasing after the US and trying to do music that the US does and it’s great to see that the positions could change around.

UK rap has always had the potential to break out and be noticed a huge scale and now it’s getting the chance to prove what it’s about. So far the US are still continuing to link up with the UK, with Skepta and Flatbush Zombies having collaborated on a track and a collaboration between Skepta occurring sometime in the future.

This is a very exciting time for UK rap as it means that in the future there could possibly be a lot more US-UK collaborations and it’s possible to see up and comers from both nations teaming together to rip it up in the charts. Being from the UK, it’s always good to see good things coming in this direction (now if only England could win the next world cup or Ghana since that’s my heritage).

Hopefully this will allow the UK to focus on its own sound and make America take note and hopefully this won’t be a trend that America takes for a few years and then throws away.

We all use each other

People use other people in life. It’s considered bad for one person to use another person in order to achieve their own goals however this happens all the time. To get further in life, people need to use each other and that’s just the way it is however that isn’t a bad thing at all.

Pretty much every form of interaction is using someone in some way; when two people converse they use each other probably to ease each other’s boredom and when looking at it, it’s completely acceptable. The two people may be using each other but at the same time they’re helping each other as well because more times than not, it’s better to talk to someone than talk to no one.

In most cases, using people doesn’t seem bad because it’s a mutual usage so all parties involved will receive what they want. With all of that being said, it doesn’t mean that I’m saying to use as many people as you can, instead I’m just stating some thoughts (but you probably know this).

If you use others and you’re only looking to benefit yourself then you’re a prick.