Lil B the Based God


TYBG! Thank you Based God, these are deep words and it’s mad that I’ve not wrote about him since I’m a fan. Lil B the Based God is the rawrest rapper alive and an inspiration to everybody however this is overlooked by the vast majority of hip-hop fans and only a chosen few realise the impact that he’s made on the hip-hop game.

A lot of people look at Lil B as if he can’t rap when in reality that’s nowhere near the case, what people are doing now in terms of rap Lil B was doing in 2010 but people don’t want to give him credit. It’s probably because their mad that he fucked their bitches (search up based god on google and be enlightened).  Lil B only spreads positivity and being based which can be heard through his music (WHICH YOU MUST COLLECT!) and thanks to him other artists have seen this and it’s probably influenced their music to be better (Earl Sweatshirt and Mac Miller… Probably);

It’s weird that Lil B has haters but then again if you’ve got haters then it means you’re doing something right which is changing hip-hop in Lil B’s case. A lot of his haters are suckers that the bitchmob taskforce deal with, there’s a lot to Lil B and basedworld but if you want to know you’re going to have to find out yourself (I feel like I write this in a lot of posts).

Until you do this enjoy some of Lil B’s music:


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