So this post is happening.

It sucks when you think of something and then you forget it, especially if you want to blog about it (like I do most times). At the same time it doesn’t mean that other ideas won’t come, but once again it sucks when one idea is forgotten because it means that you can’t see how many people will agree with it or disagree. Anyway…

Will I run out of questions to stop asking on this blog? Probably not; will people stop reading this blog? I hope not; will this post be relevant to anybody; I don’t know.

Usually there’s a point to the posts on this blog but this time, it’s just a bunch of words that happen to make sense being written out. Do I expect this post to get many views? Anything above 10 is good; will there be more posts like this? Maybe.

If you can find a point to this post then God damn, I couldn’t even do that.

Here’s some good music to enjoy.


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