I want to master the universe

The universe

Sometimes I want to master the universe, however I have no idea how to do that, so until I do everybody is safe somewhat. When looking at things that interest other people or the things that they believe, it really puts into perspective how many differing views that there are in the world, it also makes me want to learn from these people to expand my  views and knowledge (if I weren’t so weird I would have probably done this already, or not).

Looking at all the kinds of people that I’ve seen makes me wonder who I’m going to meet in the future and what impact are they going to have on my life. Will they influence me to be a better person? Or will they reveal things to me that will make me say fuck the world and everything that it stands for? Whatever it is, I doubt that it will be useless.

The world has a lot of things that I’ll be exposed to (God damn it!) but it would be awesome to learn whatever I could during my lifetime, it would probably put an end to my questions (some of which are posts on this blog).

All of the things that make people tick is interesting, looking at things that make the world tick is interesting. There’s just so much to the world.


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