Super Fight Series (this isn’t a plug!)

It’s not quite wrestling but it’s definitely awesome, the Super Fight Series is a UK based kickboxing promotion that (obviously) hosts kickboxing events. They’re currently hosting an event and the winner of that tournament takes away £10,000 which is no joke. In all honesty I’m not really into kickboxing (even if the violence is cool) but having watched a few of the videos, I’ll admit that they did a good job of making me want to watch the event.

There could be more of a description as to what the tournament is about (not that it’s needed) but if you really want to know then you’re going to have to find that out yourself. Once again it was the videos that managed to get me excited for the event and it’s likely that I’ll check out the event (not that you needed to know, or even cared) and if you’re a fan of kickboxing or promo videos then you should check it out too.

Having read the first two paragraphs, this must seem like an advert (it isn’t because I’m not getting paid) so I might as well leave a video here.

If you’re wondering who’s responsible for the videos, you can find them on twitter @ccitymedia.


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