Devil May Cry is…


There’s a post on this blog about God of War so naturally there has to be a post about Devil May Cry, it’s pretty much the foil to God of War (in my books). Devil May Cry isn’t as serious or nearly as violent and messed up as God of War but what it lacks in those departments, it makes up for with its characters (DMC’s character’s are a lot better than GoW’s).

In all honesty I’m not too sure about Dmc: Devil May Cry so this post isn’t really referring to that game (apparently it’s a good game) but moving on, the Devil May Cry series has a lot of good adventure and combo based fun with the exception of Devil May Cry 2, that game sucked. The plot of the game is…. Something that requires Dante to be lovably cocky and to be honest the plot doesn’t matter too much because the game is that fun.

Devil May Cry is pretty messed up in its own way, mainly in the fact that Dante has a teenage nephew that’s about 10 years younger than him (maybe) and the father is his twin brother meaning that his brother became a dad at 10 or something like that. Come to think of it, that’s pretty messed up that Dante’s brother was picking up and macking on women at 10.

The point is that the game is fun and offers excitement just like GoW, the best part being that you get to gear up before missions rather than going straight into the next part and eventually asking yourself why Sony are such pricks.

The game is definitely a classic (for me) whether Dante has silver hair or not.


2 thoughts on “Devil May Cry is…

  1. I seem to be the only person who didn’t hate Devil May Cry 2. Maybe I am merciful because it’s the easiest game in the series and I struggle with completing the other titles? Even if you are a fan of DMC I would not recommend watching the anime. I disliked it quite a bit.

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    1. You’re definitely very kind to Devil May Cry 2 but I’ll be honest, I got stuck really early on in DMC 2 and I didn’t care enough to continue. I forgot that DMC had an anime, it sounds like that’s a good thing.

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