Big Show makes way too many turns

Which side are you on!?

For all the pro wrestling fans out there (WWE in particular) here’s a serious question. How many turns has the Big Show made over the course of his career? It’s definitely too much, pretty much to the point that he might as well have his own term for it. There should be face turns, heel turns and Big Show turns. Not too long ago the Big Show made a heel turn which wasn’t even shocking and that this week on SmackDown he attacked Kane who is also heel. It’s a bit too early to say whether the Big Show is making yet another turn or not but what he did on SmackDown makes you wonder when WWE will give it all a rest.

Face and heel turns happen because that’s how pro wrestling works but the Big Show has made a mockery of this. Usually when somebody makes a turn from face to heel or vice versa they stay on that side of the fence for a few years, however Big Show is known to turn on an annual basis and if what he did on SmackDown serves as any indication then it means his latest stint as a heel only lasted 2 months, 2 MONTHS MAN!!!

There’s not too much to rave about when it comes to the curious case of the Big Show (this is why this post is talking about his turns) and that makes it look worse whenever he makes a turn. Of all the highlights there have been in the Big Show’s career one of his biggest highlights are the amount of times he’s jumped over the fence which speaks for itself.

It doesn’t mean to say that the Big Show hasn’t been of any use to the WWE or its fans (I personally enjoyed his reign as the World heavyweight champion) but something is definitely wrong when the most that’s expected of you is to make a turn.

Anyway… Enjoy this 


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