Life and school

Life is the best teacher. The statement makes sense but at the same time there are some flaws with it, well actually there aren’t but it would be cool if that saying could be used to get around a lot of things, with the main thing being school. From the education related posts on this blog, it’s pretty obvious that I don’t like school but then again who does?

School is obviously an important part of life as it teaches some life skills but as stated before life is the better teacher. Since life is the best teacher, shouldn’t that mean that people should be given more time to live life, gain experiences and keep learning? Some would say that going to school and working a job help to constitute that but school and work are routine whilst life is unpredictable and it’s not possible to learn a lot of things if you do the same thing every day.

There are a lot of people who have been successful without school but even more so, there are a lot of people that have learnt a lot through life (probably why they’re called life lessons). Life lessons are valuable and if it’s possible to learn them through living from day to day, then in with life and out with school (this is why I’ll never be in a position of high power).

Either way this is just another way of saying school isn’t as necessary as it seems (I just don’t like school).


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