Luton, Luton, Luton

This is honestly as good as it gets around here…

Luton is an ok place at times, when you’re in the town centre that is. The rest of Luton (from the eyes of an outsider) is not really worth seeing, it’s so crazy considering that Luton is a large town, so large that it’s larger than some cities in the U.K. Coming from London (a city that I will fellate in another post), it can be said that Luton looks like some areas of London that most wouldn’t care to visit.

That doesn’t mean that Luton doesn’t have any nice looking places, it’s got a few sites like its car park right outside the train station and the University of Bedfordshire (a criminally underrated university). In all honesty there’s not much that makes Luton an attractive place and Lutonians are aware of this but in spite of this Lutonians are fine with it, or at least they seem happier with Luton than Londoners do with London.

This should be the point where the metaphor comes in but no. Luton is an incredibly weird place albeit with very nice people but still weird. If it sounds like a silver spoon is stuck up my arse because I’m from London, then you guessed right and it won’t be coming out anytime soon. Sorry.

Getting back to the point Luton is an ok place, which offers some sort of experience especially for the University student. If you ever find yourself in Luton then remember that this post told you it wasn’t an interesting place.


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