What if McDonald’s ran a delivery service

Not loving no delivery

What if McDonald’s delivered food? That would be something special, probably for the wrong reasons though (in the U.K McDonald’s doesn’t do delivery). McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast food restaurants in the U.K, it has a lot of its restaurants packed with hungry customers (especially its Lewisham branch), so it’s very odd that McDonald’s haven’t fully milked the concept delivering it’s product to people right in their houses.

That doesn’t mean that the higher ups at McDonald’s haven’t thought about it as they most likely have; McDonald’s not doing delivery also has its benefits. In Britain, around £30m is spent on fast food every year, with McDonald’s pocketing a fair share of that and that is considering that they don’t do delivery whilst a lot of other restaurants in the U.K do. If McDonald’s ran delivery service they’d honestly FUCK SHIT UP! The fast food industry would make a lot of money but the laziness levels of some people would increase to an unacceptable level (this is coming from me, who’s pretty lazy). As a university student, I know that some people only leave their house to buy McDonald’s, I also know that McDonald’s delivery would stop these same people from going out to do anything. It would also mean that, a lot of people running for the bus would miss their bus (for obvious reasons, it would be funny though).

Most people are probably aware that McDonald’s doing delivery in the U.K would take the fast food game to another level and practically destroy their health, however it would still be a special moment because so many prayers would be answered. In all honesty McDonald’s are doing the U.K a huge favour by not delivering their food, even though it’s a double-edged sword seeing as a delivery service do a hell of a lot more than just make them money.

Then again, it wouldn’t be surprising if McDonald’s started doing delivery in the U.K within the next three years. Hopefully they’ll sell fried chicken as well, since the American McDonald’s does but that’s for another time.


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