God of War is really messed up!

Kratos, the main character of GoW

Everybody remembers God of War (don’t they), it was a good game, a really good game. Lots of smash and grabbing fun but at the same time you’ve got to admit that the game was really fucked up which is weird because that’s what makes the game so addictive and enjoyable. Kratos was an awesome character and the story was good as well, to be honest it’s like Devil May Cry only that GoW isn’t episodic. Anyway… moving on.

The universe of GoW is funny (to me anyway), the games generally revolve around killing gods and other things, as Kratos continues on his journey he kills, then kills some more and continues killing. He literally kills and destroys his way through the game and is always motivated by the thought of killing someone. Death is a really strong theme in the series come to think of it, everybody of importance in the series dies and at the end of the third instalment ancient Greece is destroyed. If that wasn’t messed up enough then there’s also the implication that Kratos represents hope in spite of the fact that he eradicates everything he touches.

Whatever Sony and Santa Monica studio were taking whilst developing GoW needs to be made available for public use immediately, so that there can be more interesting games and stories. It’s weird to think that at the core of the GoW series the objective is simply killing things, after you kill one thing you kill another and it’s incredibly entertaining. Whatever they decide to do with the game is fine with me as long as it stays messed up (that doesn’t sound right…), hopefully there’ll be lot of games in this generation that follow GoW’s example.


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