Lil B the Based God


TYBG! Thank you Based God, these are deep words and it’s mad that I’ve not wrote about him since I’m a fan. Lil B the Based God is the rawrest rapper alive and an inspiration to everybody however this is overlooked by the vast majority of hip-hop fans and only a chosen few realise the impact that he’s made on the hip-hop game.

A lot of people look at Lil B as if he can’t rap when in reality that’s nowhere near the case, what people are doing now in terms of rap Lil B was doing in 2010 but people don’t want to give him credit. It’s probably because their mad that he fucked their bitches (search up based god on google and be enlightened).  Lil B only spreads positivity and being based which can be heard through his music (WHICH YOU MUST COLLECT!) and thanks to him other artists have seen this and it’s probably influenced their music to be better (Earl Sweatshirt and Mac Miller… Probably);

It’s weird that Lil B has haters but then again if you’ve got haters then it means you’re doing something right which is changing hip-hop in Lil B’s case. A lot of his haters are suckers that the bitchmob taskforce deal with, there’s a lot to Lil B and basedworld but if you want to know you’re going to have to find out yourself (I feel like I write this in a lot of posts).

Until you do this enjoy some of Lil B’s music:


So this post is happening.

It sucks when you think of something and then you forget it, especially if you want to blog about it (like I do most times). At the same time it doesn’t mean that other ideas won’t come, but once again it sucks when one idea is forgotten because it means that you can’t see how many people will agree with it or disagree. Anyway…

Will I run out of questions to stop asking on this blog? Probably not; will people stop reading this blog? I hope not; will this post be relevant to anybody; I don’t know.

Usually there’s a point to the posts on this blog but this time, it’s just a bunch of words that happen to make sense being written out. Do I expect this post to get many views? Anything above 10 is good; will there be more posts like this? Maybe.

If you can find a point to this post then God damn, I couldn’t even do that.

Here’s some good music to enjoy.

I want to master the universe

The universe

Sometimes I want to master the universe, however I have no idea how to do that, so until I do everybody is safe somewhat. When looking at things that interest other people or the things that they believe, it really puts into perspective how many differing views that there are in the world, it also makes me want to learn from these people to expand my  views and knowledge (if I weren’t so weird I would have probably done this already, or not).

Looking at all the kinds of people that I’ve seen makes me wonder who I’m going to meet in the future and what impact are they going to have on my life. Will they influence me to be a better person? Or will they reveal things to me that will make me say fuck the world and everything that it stands for? Whatever it is, I doubt that it will be useless.

The world has a lot of things that I’ll be exposed to (God damn it!) but it would be awesome to learn whatever I could during my lifetime, it would probably put an end to my questions (some of which are posts on this blog).

All of the things that make people tick is interesting, looking at things that make the world tick is interesting. There’s just so much to the world.

Super Fight Series (this isn’t a plug!)

It’s not quite wrestling but it’s definitely awesome, the Super Fight Series is a UK based kickboxing promotion that (obviously) hosts kickboxing events. They’re currently hosting an event and the winner of that tournament takes away £10,000 which is no joke. In all honesty I’m not really into kickboxing (even if the violence is cool) but having watched a few of the videos, I’ll admit that they did a good job of making me want to watch the event.

There could be more of a description as to what the tournament is about (not that it’s needed) but if you really want to know then you’re going to have to find that out yourself. Once again it was the videos that managed to get me excited for the event and it’s likely that I’ll check out the event (not that you needed to know, or even cared) and if you’re a fan of kickboxing or promo videos then you should check it out too.

Having read the first two paragraphs, this must seem like an advert (it isn’t because I’m not getting paid) so I might as well leave a video here.

If you’re wondering who’s responsible for the videos, you can find them on twitter @ccitymedia.

Devil May Cry is…


There’s a post on this blog about God of War so naturally there has to be a post about Devil May Cry, it’s pretty much the foil to God of War (in my books). Devil May Cry isn’t as serious or nearly as violent and messed up as God of War but what it lacks in those departments, it makes up for with its characters (DMC’s character’s are a lot better than GoW’s).

In all honesty I’m not too sure about Dmc: Devil May Cry so this post isn’t really referring to that game (apparently it’s a good game) but moving on, the Devil May Cry series has a lot of good adventure and combo based fun with the exception of Devil May Cry 2, that game sucked. The plot of the game is…. Something that requires Dante to be lovably cocky and to be honest the plot doesn’t matter too much because the game is that fun.

Devil May Cry is pretty messed up in its own way, mainly in the fact that Dante has a teenage nephew that’s about 10 years younger than him (maybe) and the father is his twin brother meaning that his brother became a dad at 10 or something like that. Come to think of it, that’s pretty messed up that Dante’s brother was picking up and macking on women at 10.

The point is that the game is fun and offers excitement just like GoW, the best part being that you get to gear up before missions rather than going straight into the next part and eventually asking yourself why Sony are such pricks.

The game is definitely a classic (for me) whether Dante has silver hair or not.

Don’t sleep on VGM

Is video game music underappreciated? Probably and to be honest it’s really weird that people sleep on VGM (maybe people don’t but for the sake of this post they do). Video games have brought people plenty of classic songs to enjoy like Guile’s theme which also has its own meme and the Super Mario Bros. overworld and underground theme, seriously who the hell could forget those!? With classic themes like that which were chiptuned songs it makes you wonder how people don’t appreciate how far VGM has come (it makes me wonder anyway).

Fair enough, not everybody plays games and so not everybody is exposed to the awesome music that they offer but what about those who do play, is it possible that they play for the sake of playing and don’t care to listen to the music? Personally I can’t imagine what goes through the minds of these fiends, not listening to the music is just preposterous!

VGM reeks (yes I said reeks) of nostalgia and other good feelings just like music in the charts, to be honest there’s no reason why it shouldn’t have the same appeal as charting music. At the same time, it’s a good thing that not too many people listen to it because that makes it special and some people wouldn’t want it to go mainstream (whatever that means).

In all seriousness VGM will probably never hit the charts (and if it has I don’t know about it) but it still makes for good music to listen to, it might be an acquired taste (I doubt that though) which is why it doesn’t get the recognition that some forms of music get. It’s a shame that this is the case because as time goes on there will be more classics and VGM will only get better.

Whilst there are people who miss out on VGM, those who do listen to it deserve a shout out.

An example the awesomeness that VGM brings:

Big Show makes way too many turns

Which side are you on!?

For all the pro wrestling fans out there (WWE in particular) here’s a serious question. How many turns has the Big Show made over the course of his career? It’s definitely too much, pretty much to the point that he might as well have his own term for it. There should be face turns, heel turns and Big Show turns. Not too long ago the Big Show made a heel turn which wasn’t even shocking and that this week on SmackDown he attacked Kane who is also heel. It’s a bit too early to say whether the Big Show is making yet another turn or not but what he did on SmackDown makes you wonder when WWE will give it all a rest.

Face and heel turns happen because that’s how pro wrestling works but the Big Show has made a mockery of this. Usually when somebody makes a turn from face to heel or vice versa they stay on that side of the fence for a few years, however Big Show is known to turn on an annual basis and if what he did on SmackDown serves as any indication then it means his latest stint as a heel only lasted 2 months, 2 MONTHS MAN!!!

There’s not too much to rave about when it comes to the curious case of the Big Show (this is why this post is talking about his turns) and that makes it look worse whenever he makes a turn. Of all the highlights there have been in the Big Show’s career one of his biggest highlights are the amount of times he’s jumped over the fence which speaks for itself.

It doesn’t mean to say that the Big Show hasn’t been of any use to the WWE or its fans (I personally enjoyed his reign as the World heavyweight champion) but something is definitely wrong when the most that’s expected of you is to make a turn.

Anyway… Enjoy this 

Life and school

Life is the best teacher. The statement makes sense but at the same time there are some flaws with it, well actually there aren’t but it would be cool if that saying could be used to get around a lot of things, with the main thing being school. From the education related posts on this blog, it’s pretty obvious that I don’t like school but then again who does?

School is obviously an important part of life as it teaches some life skills but as stated before life is the better teacher. Since life is the best teacher, shouldn’t that mean that people should be given more time to live life, gain experiences and keep learning? Some would say that going to school and working a job help to constitute that but school and work are routine whilst life is unpredictable and it’s not possible to learn a lot of things if you do the same thing every day.

There are a lot of people who have been successful without school but even more so, there are a lot of people that have learnt a lot through life (probably why they’re called life lessons). Life lessons are valuable and if it’s possible to learn them through living from day to day, then in with life and out with school (this is why I’ll never be in a position of high power).

Either way this is just another way of saying school isn’t as necessary as it seems (I just don’t like school).

Say no sometimes

The king of no!

Saying yes all the time? Nope, that’s not how it should be done. It’s annoying and it gets in the way of things you want to do. It’s bad in a sort of way to say no to somebody because naturally we’re meant to help each other out but it’s such a necessary thing. This is the conclusion I’ve come to as somebody who has trouble saying the ‘n’ word.

People look for other people to say yes when it comes to favours, so it’s always a situation where the person asking banks on their target’s thought process being one that leads to them saying yes because they don’t want to seem like a bad person. In reality this makes the person asking the bad person as they are taking advantage of their target and on top of that there comes a point where saying yes stops being yes for a favour and starts being yes for an order.

When you constantly say yes to someone it gets to a point where they’ll ask (tell) you for a favour and expect you to say yes, what’s worse is that they’ll be shocked when you say no as if you didn’t have that option. When people say kindness gets taken for weakness, saying yes definitely applies to that.

Saying no can be good (I’m definitely going to do that more) that way you can get time to do things you want to do. There’s that and then again you might not having trouble saying no, in that case then this post really doesn’t apply to you I guess.