Why are WWE difficult!

These guys…

Once again, WWE has found a way to make all professional wrestling fans ask why WWE is the face of the sport. Not too long ago WWE held its annual Royal Rumble pay-per-view and it was so bad on so many levels. WWE’s ongoing trend of producing crap is so upsetting for wrestling fans everywhere because the company clearly has the potential to consistently produce engaging wrestling.

It’s easy to say ‘if you don’t like the product then don’t watch it’ but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that, it’s a weird thing but that’s just how it is. Watching things like this year’s Royal Rumble really makes you want to ask why Vince McMahon doesn’t respect wrestling, the same sport that he took a global level. It’s a really weird and confusing thing, and the truth is I could go on asking question after question but it won’t get any results.

If you’ve read any of the wrestling posts on this blog, you may have realised that I rant but not this time. The bottom line for WWE is that Triple H needs to take over from Vince McMahon and fix the product ASAP.


4 thoughts on “Why are WWE difficult!

  1. I assume your main gripe is with the outcome of the Royal Rumble match itself. WWE is taking a calculated risk pushing Roman Reigns. Daniel Bryan is already at maximum main event status. There’s no denying that. His back-to-back wins at WrestleMania XXX last year solidified the fact. This year, instead of repeating themselves and telling the same story, WWE is attempting to elevate Reigns to that same level. It’s a good idea on paper, but risky in the sense that fans might just crap on it, like we’ve already seen. In my opinion, Daniel Bryan should have won the Rumble match. I mean, when you’ve got a wrestler in Bryan that’s getting bigger pops than Stone Cold in his prime, you’d be stupid not to run with him. And fans will just continue to shit on the Rumble each year until he wins it. Besides that, I loved the triple threat title match. The rest of the PPV was just filler.


  2. I like Roman Reigns and don’t have too much of a problem with him winning the Royal Rumble to be honest. I’m more bothered by the quality of this years Royal Rumble pay-per-view as it was terrible and it shouldn’t have been given the amount of talent that WWE has and the same goes for all of their programming.


    1. I’ve been thinking about watching NJPW, I never do because my twitter feed keeps me up to date so it’s like I have watched it. I heard Lucha Underground is too overproduced to be taken seriously but I might see what it’s like. The people you know are right to hate RAW, I saw something this week which made me say no more RAW until 2018.

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