I wonder about pro wrestling sometimes

What is this? what even is this?

Professional wrestling has had a hell of a lot of moments that are going to last for the ages such as The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak ending or the birth of 3:16; however, wrestling doesn’t constantly boast great moments. There’s a reason why some people find it shocking when people past the age of 10 are still pro wrestling fans and this is because Pro Wrestling (mainly WWE) can produce some real rubbish.

Usually when most people find out that pro wrestling is scripted, heartbreak ensues (probably) and that’s when they lose interest and pay attention to other hobbies. Those who decide to stick with pro wrestling in spite of its dirty little truth (like myself) are the ones that really experience the pain that pro wrestling brings. Pro wrestling bookers have a tendency to play a sick game which is called fucking with the emotions of every wrestling fan and it involves subjecting fans to ridiculous situations for around an hour with no good reason!

Some of the most ridiculous antics have taken place inside a wrestling ring, and it’s raised a lot of questions from wrestling fans like ‘what’s wrong with me?’ and ‘why do I like this shit?’ As great as wrestling can be, there is no reason for WWE forcing fans to watch a computer talk crap for two hours or Jack Swagger’s promos, then there’s whatever the hell TNA’s doing.

Sometimes pro wrestling, gets a bit too intertwined with fantasy and the result isn’t very good. It can be hard to be a pro wrestling fan at times (I’m going to stop writing now).


2 thoughts on “I wonder about pro wrestling sometimes

  1. I never understood why some people abandon wrestling when they realize it’s scripted. So is everything else on TV.

    From what I hear two years after this post was written WWE and TNA are still crap. I’m surprised TNA is still going to be honest, given their terrible management.


    1. Part of me feels that people stop liking pro wrestling when they find it’s scripted because it’s meant to be a sport. It’s still a bit crazy because people put it down so quickly. WWE is alright if you watch SmackDown Live but RAW and TNA still continue to suck. TNA is definitely going to go under, it’s just a matter of when.

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