Quick thoughts on the PlayStation 2

PlayStation 2

This post isn’t going to be about a game but rather a games console, purely because it deserves a level of respect from this blog that it hasn’t received. It can only mean that this post is about the PlayStation 2, the greatest games console ever (in my opinion, sorry Xbox gamers). Everybody had or at least played a PlayStation and it had great games but the PS2 was the next step and it was a giant step for gaming.

Now we’re in the era of the 8th generation consoles and PlayStation is moving strong with the PS4 however you have to ask yourself, where would we be if it weren’t for the PS2? The PS2 is a timeless console and it’s a shame that it’s been discontinued. The PS2 provided plenty of high quality games (like SSX, which I wrote about) even though multiple memory cards were needed to store all of the data and the PS2 came with a DVD player which allowed for the choice of movies as well as games.

The fact that the PS2 is the highest selling console of all time says a lot about how great it is, on top of that it managed to last 13 years before being discontinued which meant that people still opted to play it whilst the PS3 was out (I did). There wasn’t much wrong with the PS2, the biggest annoyance was the disc read errors but in comparison to the hours of entertainment provided by the console, it’s a sin that can be forgiven.

The biggest truth of the PS2 is that anyone who never played one missed out on something great, no console will ever match up to its greatness.


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