Life isn’t perfect (oh well)

Life isn’t perfect, but that’s ok because it’s what helps people to learn and strive harder for the best life possible. A lot of people would love for life to be perfect (myself included at times) but if life was perfect it would take the fun out of life, and make people question what the point of life is (in my opinion).

It would be very cool to have a perfect life, where everything goes just right, you meet the person of your dreams at the first time of asking, you get the best grades, you’re super social and a bunch of other cool things. The thing is that perfection from the beginning takes away from the experience, it takes away from the ability to be grateful for the bad things that happen to you such as when you feel low, and it’s things like that, that builds character. It’s also what allows for sympathy with other people, no one cares about somebody who’s had everything go right from day one.

Life has a weird way of getting people up and putting people down which can cause all sorts of chaos, but it’s all necessary. It’s the weird things that life does to us that allows us to teach others and it’s what makes the world interesting.

Everyone has those days which make them wish that life was perfect, they’re not quite weak days (which I wrote about in a previous post) but they’re similar. It can involve reflecting on all the negative things in your life, wishing that you had taken missed opportunities as well as other things; the thing about these thoughts is that they should encourage you to keep your head up. Whilst life isn’t perfect it’s still something to be grateful for.

Some people say that as long as you keep your head up everything will be fine (which I agree with), there’s always a reason for everything and if life treats you bad then it might be so that you can appreciate the greatness that comes after the rough times. Life can be a bitch but that’s so that we can be strong.

(I’m very aware that this is cheesy! But you read it so I win.)


One thought on “Life isn’t perfect (oh well)

  1. Life is not perfect and it is not fair. People who subconsciously believe that it should be can become deeply unhappy when something bad happens to them. Like you say, use the experience to get stronger and move on.

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