What is wrong with talking about sex publicly?

Sex is one of the most natural things in life, yet for some reason it’s got a stigma attached to it which (for me) is really, really confusing. Sex isn’t a negative thing yet for whatever reason, it doesn’t seem to be accepted publicly. If sex was to come up as a topic of conversation between two people in public and the conversation was overheard by other members of the public, the other members of the public would look down on the two people talking about it but why? Sex is something that most people do, it’s part of the purpose of life so why do people still look down on it.

As I said before, most people on this earth have had sex, they know what it means and how it feels. If most people have had sex then they know how certain things work e.g a man approaching a woman in public, the minute that the man approaches the woman they both know what the man wants, so what’s wrong with the man stating his intention to her. It’s weird that when one person approaches another and asks for sex they’re seen as disgusting but if one person approaches another and gets to know them before asking for sex that’s fine. At the end of the day, the objective in both situations are the same only that in the second situation the person went through a stage that they probably didn’t want to.

There are things related to sex that are unacceptable such as rape, STI’s or assault but it’s only the worst type of people that rape and knowingly pass STI’s on to other people. A lot of people tend to see pornography in a negative light which is also very confusing, this is made even more confusing by the fact that watching porn is the most popular activity on the internet and if you look at the alexa rankings for the top 100 websites you’ll find a few porn sites there.

Sex is a universal thing, not something to be looked down upon. It should be embraced, embracing it would lift a lot of restrictions on people and take away a lot of insecurities and on top of that it would make it acceptable to talk about something that everybody loves to talk about publicly.


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