Those days.

Just a completely random thought that may not go anywhere, with that being said I’m going to continue.

Ever had one of those days where you want to do something but you feel like you can’t? Those days really suck and they come around every so often. I call these ‘weak days’, it’s a weird feeling as you keep telling yourself that you want to do something and it eventually grows into you telling yourself to do said action, yet for one odd reason or another you just don’t do anything.

It’s only natural to have these days as everybody has their weakest points in life, but weak days only serve to mess things up and ruin any chance of having a good mood, because when you don’t try to achieve something that you set out to achieve you immediately begin to think about what could have happened and what you’ve possibly missed out on. Is there a solution to weak days? I hope so.

At times it seems like it’s a mindset thing, if you look at things with a more positive attitude then you’ll see a more positive result which is a fair point but there are honestly times that you can feel positive and still not get anything done due to it being a weak day. Life is weird and these days are just a part of them, maybe they’re there to provide thinking time so that you can analyze things that you’re not doing so well, who knows?

Whatever the case is, weak days suck, they suck a lot.


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