Michael Jackson is a legend!

Michael Jackson

It’s been a while, 5 years to be more exact since the King of Pop, Michael Jackson died. It’s safe to say that he will never be forgotten due to the influence that his music had and it’s also safe to say that the many accolades that he earned during his lifetime were well deserved. It’s likely that there won’t be too many posts on this blog which just appreciate how great music artists are which only serves to prove how great an artist Michael Jackson is.

Michael Jackson is a different calibre of artist when it comes to music, no matter what your opinion on him is, it’s practically impossible to deny that his music wasn’t great. It’s easy to argue that this is the case for a lot of artists but there are multiple reasons as to why MJ is more legendary than most. The King of Pop was able to keep making great music and stay relevant through a career that spanned over 40 years; this is an incredible achievement in itself as a lot of music artists can lose relevance within 2 years of releasing their first album (Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em). Michael Jackson’s music possessed a special quality, the ability to take you on a trip whilst sober (this was the case for me anyway) usually whenever songs take me places, I tend to be drunk.

What’s really amazing is the amount of things that MJ dealt with that could have broken him as a person and dealt irreversible damage to his career, and he was able to fight through them. It was obvious that his career took a huge toll on his life but the truth is that it could have been worse and that’s something that MJ deserves credit for.

There are a lot of people that have unsavoury things to say about MJ, however (I’m sure) most MJ fans will agree that they deserve to be on the end of an unsavoury finger gesture. Even secretly they tell themselves that MJ made generations worth of good music.

MJ’s music is so influential that children that are born today will learn to appreciate it, just like how I learned to appreciate his music despite being born in the later stages of his career. With what MJ has done he’s definitely an artist that won’t be forgotten with time.

Here’s an MJ song that you may have heard:


One thought on “Michael Jackson is a legend!

  1. He had a skill, a talent, a gift that could not be taught. He was a musical genius. It has been mentioned before that there is doubt as to whether anyone will ever be able to replicate his extraordinary attention to detail regarding music… I agree. Many will try but they will most definitely fail. He was unique and his gift was unique. For those that doubt this fact, watch the This Is It film/documentary. Really watch it. If you do, you will not be left in any doubt.
    PS in case you hadn’t guessed, I am an MJ fan 🙂


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