School ranking systems are BS!

School ranking systems are very confusing. Every country (not too sure about this) has a system in which they rank their schools, colleges and universities but that has always been very confusing. Some schools produce students that get better grades than others which helps with determining the rankings, but it implies that the schools ranked lower on the league table are unable to produce students that get good grades which is untrue.

Every student wants to go to the highest ranking academic institutions but only because it implies that the institution will guarantee them the best grades, but the truth is that the grade depends on the student more than it does the institution. The ranking on the league table is a nice badge of honour but that isn’t always the way forward when it comes to choosing where to be educated (in my opinion).

If a student goes to an institution that isn’t ranked very highly does that make them stupid? It doesn’t but there’s no doubt that there are a number of students who end up at schools, colleges and universities with bad academic reputations that believe that they’re stupid for that reason. (I think) Some students that end up at bad academic institutions do end up getting bad grades but this is due to them thinking that it’s what they’re destined for.

It’s more than possible for students to achieve something great without going to the best schools but ranking systems have a lot of students thinking the opposite which is a shame.

It seems (to me) like ranking systems are there to build and protect reputations of certain academic institutions which they do well, but in doing so they have an undesired side effect. Of course it could be part of a government conspiracy that leads to something unbelievable (obviously not).

Students just have to believe in themselves and remember that ranking systems only mean as much as they allow it to mean.


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