It’s 2015.

2015 has just started so that means that there a lot of people fulfilling their New Year resolutions, this also means that there’s a lot of positivity which is good to see but it’s only two days in. Not to sound pessimistic but all of that New Year resolution stuff is all useless, it’s the same for people who claim that 2015 will be their year because come the end of the year they’ll be saying ‘2016 is my year’, ‘2015 was practice but 2016 is the real thing’ or ‘in 2015 I learnt this and that but in 2016 blah, blah, blah.’

It’s always good to see people trying to change their lives for the better, in fact there must be something seriously wrong with anyone that’s not trying to improve their quality of life. The thing that’s really hard to understand is why the start of the year has to be the start of something new, why not change a situation once you feel that it needs a change. To be honest New Years day isn’t any different from February 7; they both have 24 hours that are yours to spend how you want, so why is the New Year regarded as a clean slate?

This might be going a bit too far but the turn of the year really doesn’t really deserve the attention that it gets, it’s good to celebrate but it’s not like it means that much. With all that being said I still wish everyone that reads this post a happy and prosperous new year.

This person can better explain what I’m saying: 


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