Why are WWE difficult!

These guys…

Once again, WWE has found a way to make all professional wrestling fans ask why WWE is the face of the sport. Not too long ago WWE held its annual Royal Rumble pay-per-view and it was so bad on so many levels. WWE’s ongoing trend of producing crap is so upsetting for wrestling fans everywhere because the company clearly has the potential to consistently produce engaging wrestling.

It’s easy to say ‘if you don’t like the product then don’t watch it’ but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that, it’s a weird thing but that’s just how it is. Watching things like this year’s Royal Rumble really makes you want to ask why Vince McMahon doesn’t respect wrestling, the same sport that he took a global level. It’s a really weird and confusing thing, and the truth is I could go on asking question after question but it won’t get any results.

If you’ve read any of the wrestling posts on this blog, you may have realised that I rant but not this time. The bottom line for WWE is that Triple H needs to take over from Vince McMahon and fix the product ASAP.


Quick thoughts on Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series

Abridged series are an amazing thing and they show why manga and anime fans are awesome. The fans can and will take their favourite shows to a different place and it’s something to be appreciated, this happened with Yu-Gi-Oh! and the result was a comedy series that portrayed the characters in a more lovable light aka Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series.

YGOTAS tells the story of YGO in a shorter and much funnier manner, on top of that the abridged series actually makes sense. The series makes reference to a number of internet memes and anime series, whilst pointing flaws in the actual series and making references to the fact that everybody plays a children’s card to game in order to achieve anything.

The series is really good for a laugh especially if you’re bored, it’s definitely something that all YGO fans will appreciate but it also has an appeal for people that don’t watch YGO or anime in general. Like most things on YouTube the series is offensive but the offensive humour is absolutely necessary as that’s what gives the characters their flavour. Watching this series will make you wonder what YouTube would be like if it had a TV channel (even though it doesn’t need one).

If YGOTAS is anything to go by then it’s safe to assume that most abridged series are funny and well crafted, it also adds a lot of credibility to manga, anime and its fans.

I still don’t get art

Me when I see art

Seriously, is there a hidden message behind all kinds of art or just some? because I still don’t get it. To me, art just comes across as pictures and sculptures, I’m aware that some pieces are commentaries on society which is what makes them meaningful but what about the pieces of art that are just weird faces. Are they meant to inspire thought?

I’ll admit that art confuses me, I don’t get it and I’m not exactly artistic which is why I have these questions. There’s obviously something to art that I’m missing the point of, whatever it is must be what allows for the appreciation of art on a deeper level. With all that goes on in art, it’s definitely a subject that I should do some research into.

The bottom line is that art is forever confusing.

I wonder about pro wrestling sometimes

What is this? what even is this?

Professional wrestling has had a hell of a lot of moments that are going to last for the ages such as The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak ending or the birth of 3:16; however, wrestling doesn’t constantly boast great moments. There’s a reason why some people find it shocking when people past the age of 10 are still pro wrestling fans and this is because Pro Wrestling (mainly WWE) can produce some real rubbish.

Usually when most people find out that pro wrestling is scripted, heartbreak ensues (probably) and that’s when they lose interest and pay attention to other hobbies. Those who decide to stick with pro wrestling in spite of its dirty little truth (like myself) are the ones that really experience the pain that pro wrestling brings. Pro wrestling bookers have a tendency to play a sick game which is called fucking with the emotions of every wrestling fan and it involves subjecting fans to ridiculous situations for around an hour with no good reason!

Some of the most ridiculous antics have taken place inside a wrestling ring, and it’s raised a lot of questions from wrestling fans like ‘what’s wrong with me?’ and ‘why do I like this shit?’ As great as wrestling can be, there is no reason for WWE forcing fans to watch a computer talk crap for two hours or Jack Swagger’s promos, then there’s whatever the hell TNA’s doing.

Sometimes pro wrestling, gets a bit too intertwined with fantasy and the result isn’t very good. It can be hard to be a pro wrestling fan at times (I’m going to stop writing now).

Quick thoughts on the PlayStation 2

PlayStation 2

This post isn’t going to be about a game but rather a games console, purely because it deserves a level of respect from this blog that it hasn’t received. It can only mean that this post is about the PlayStation 2, the greatest games console ever (in my opinion, sorry Xbox gamers). Everybody had or at least played a PlayStation and it had great games but the PS2 was the next step and it was a giant step for gaming.

Now we’re in the era of the 8th generation consoles and PlayStation is moving strong with the PS4 however you have to ask yourself, where would we be if it weren’t for the PS2? The PS2 is a timeless console and it’s a shame that it’s been discontinued. The PS2 provided plenty of high quality games (like SSX, which I wrote about) even though multiple memory cards were needed to store all of the data and the PS2 came with a DVD player which allowed for the choice of movies as well as games.

The fact that the PS2 is the highest selling console of all time says a lot about how great it is, on top of that it managed to last 13 years before being discontinued which meant that people still opted to play it whilst the PS3 was out (I did). There wasn’t much wrong with the PS2, the biggest annoyance was the disc read errors but in comparison to the hours of entertainment provided by the console, it’s a sin that can be forgiven.

The biggest truth of the PS2 is that anyone who never played one missed out on something great, no console will ever match up to its greatness.

Life isn’t perfect (oh well)

Life isn’t perfect, but that’s ok because it’s what helps people to learn and strive harder for the best life possible. A lot of people would love for life to be perfect (myself included at times) but if life was perfect it would take the fun out of life, and make people question what the point of life is (in my opinion).

It would be very cool to have a perfect life, where everything goes just right, you meet the person of your dreams at the first time of asking, you get the best grades, you’re super social and a bunch of other cool things. The thing is that perfection from the beginning takes away from the experience, it takes away from the ability to be grateful for the bad things that happen to you such as when you feel low, and it’s things like that, that builds character. It’s also what allows for sympathy with other people, no one cares about somebody who’s had everything go right from day one.

Life has a weird way of getting people up and putting people down which can cause all sorts of chaos, but it’s all necessary. It’s the weird things that life does to us that allows us to teach others and it’s what makes the world interesting.

Everyone has those days which make them wish that life was perfect, they’re not quite weak days (which I wrote about in a previous post) but they’re similar. It can involve reflecting on all the negative things in your life, wishing that you had taken missed opportunities as well as other things; the thing about these thoughts is that they should encourage you to keep your head up. Whilst life isn’t perfect it’s still something to be grateful for.

Some people say that as long as you keep your head up everything will be fine (which I agree with), there’s always a reason for everything and if life treats you bad then it might be so that you can appreciate the greatness that comes after the rough times. Life can be a bitch but that’s so that we can be strong.

(I’m very aware that this is cheesy! But you read it so I win.)

What is wrong with talking about sex publicly?

Sex is one of the most natural things in life, yet for some reason it’s got a stigma attached to it which (for me) is really, really confusing. Sex isn’t a negative thing yet for whatever reason, it doesn’t seem to be accepted publicly. If sex was to come up as a topic of conversation between two people in public and the conversation was overheard by other members of the public, the other members of the public would look down on the two people talking about it but why? Sex is something that most people do, it’s part of the purpose of life so why do people still look down on it.

As I said before, most people on this earth have had sex, they know what it means and how it feels. If most people have had sex then they know how certain things work e.g a man approaching a woman in public, the minute that the man approaches the woman they both know what the man wants, so what’s wrong with the man stating his intention to her. It’s weird that when one person approaches another and asks for sex they’re seen as disgusting but if one person approaches another and gets to know them before asking for sex that’s fine. At the end of the day, the objective in both situations are the same only that in the second situation the person went through a stage that they probably didn’t want to.

There are things related to sex that are unacceptable such as rape, STI’s or assault but it’s only the worst type of people that rape and knowingly pass STI’s on to other people. A lot of people tend to see pornography in a negative light which is also very confusing, this is made even more confusing by the fact that watching porn is the most popular activity on the internet and if you look at the alexa rankings for the top 100 websites you’ll find a few porn sites there.

Sex is a universal thing, not something to be looked down upon. It should be embraced, embracing it would lift a lot of restrictions on people and take away a lot of insecurities and on top of that it would make it acceptable to talk about something that everybody loves to talk about publicly.

Those days.

Just a completely random thought that may not go anywhere, with that being said I’m going to continue.

Ever had one of those days where you want to do something but you feel like you can’t? Those days really suck and they come around every so often. I call these ‘weak days’, it’s a weird feeling as you keep telling yourself that you want to do something and it eventually grows into you telling yourself to do said action, yet for one odd reason or another you just don’t do anything.

It’s only natural to have these days as everybody has their weakest points in life, but weak days only serve to mess things up and ruin any chance of having a good mood, because when you don’t try to achieve something that you set out to achieve you immediately begin to think about what could have happened and what you’ve possibly missed out on. Is there a solution to weak days? I hope so.

At times it seems like it’s a mindset thing, if you look at things with a more positive attitude then you’ll see a more positive result which is a fair point but there are honestly times that you can feel positive and still not get anything done due to it being a weak day. Life is weird and these days are just a part of them, maybe they’re there to provide thinking time so that you can analyze things that you’re not doing so well, who knows?

Whatever the case is, weak days suck, they suck a lot.

A quick question

When you find out that the child isn’t yours

A serious question, what would you do if you raised your child for a number of years, let’s say 5 or 6 and then you found out that your child wasn’t really yours? This type of situation is hard to deal with, you could say that you’d get rid of the child which would be justice for you however that’s unfair on the child or you could keep raising the child, knowing that you’ve been taken for a fool.

It would be incredibly awkward to ever have to deal with such a situation but it does happen, personally speaking I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to keep the child, I’d have to get rid of the child and my partner and start over again. Some people would gladly keep the child due to a bond that they may have established with them which is completely understandable, on top of that keeping the child would make you a good person (a much better person than me at the very least) but that means that you have to be able to stomach the lies.

If a woman can lie to man about the identity of a child’s father after cheating on him then imagine all the other things that she must have lied to him about. For some people it might not matter but that level of dishonesty is unacceptable. It’s one of the worst things that could be done to somebody, to make them a father only for the man to find that his life as a father was a lie.

At the same time, it doesn’t necessarily make the woman a bad person because whilst lying to the man, she’s acknowledging the fact that every child deserves two parents (something that my earlier confession indicates I’m not doing). There are many factors that make this a hard situation to deal with, as getting rid of the child and keeping it are both good and bad things. Truth be told this is just something that’s interesting to think about.

(In case you’re wondering, I got this question whilst listening to Gold Digger by Kanye West).