Quick thoughts on Kurozuka


Warning: This post contains spoilers.

It’s always good to search for and find new anime, it’s something that anime fans enjoy doing for various reasons but the biggest one probably being that it adds to an ever growing mental list of animes watched. The latest anime to earn a post on this blog is Kurozuka, which is a weird anime to say the least.

(I think) The plot revolves around a swordsman called Kuro and his quest to find a vampire woman that he’s in love with called Kuromitsu. He meets Kuromitsu and becomes immortal when he faces a group of enemies and is left for dead, drinking Kuromitsu’s blood as a last resort. Kuro is subsequently betrayed by his bodyguard and wakes up in the distant future, he then encounters a group of people that offer to help him find the love of his life (I don’t know why) and they end up fighting against a group of antagonists (who I’m sure have little relevance to the plot). There is more to the story and then again there may not be because the story isn’t fleshed out very well, so there are elements of the show that will confuse viewers such as Kuro’s intense attraction to Kuromitsu.

The anime is 12 episodes long and it took me 10 to finally figure out what was happening which meant that I sat there being confused for the first three-quarters of the series. In those first 9 episodes that I was confused, I was able to figure out that one of the characters (Kuon) was a traitor (which really wasn’t shocking) and the action scenes helped to take my mind off the confusion. I’ll admit that after 5 episodes I was going to stop watching, however I don’t like leaving series unfinished unless they’re truly terrible.

If the series is meant to illustrate the lengths that some people are willing to go for people that they’re attracted to then (I think) it’s not an accurate reflection, however it’s more likely that the series isn’t trying to be deep with anything. The series is short and gets to the action very quickly and that’s probably what’s meant to attract the viewer. Since the action kept me watching I can’t say that they did a bad job on that front.

There were two things about the series that didn’t sit so well with me. In the eighth episode Kuromitsu appears and kills one of Kuro’s enemies, she then tells him to go to another location and disappears. Kuro didn’t even try to stop her despite the fact that the woman he was longing for was right in front of him, as a result of that Kuro and his group continue and the people helping Kuro end up dying. The second is the ending, during the anime there are a few scenes that show Kuro getting his head cut off and it happens again at the end, his head gets put on a new body and his quest to find Kuromitsu restarts. This ending implies that Kuromitsu has placed Kuro in an endless loop which is cruel but fitting for an anime like Kurozuka. The anime goes a bit further and rewinds to the first scene of the first episode and whilst talking to his bodyguard Kuro says ‘I feel like this has already happened.’

Of all the animes that I’ve watched, Kurozuka is the only one that stuck a huge middle finger in my face. It didn’t flesh out the plot well so I had to work harder to connect the dots only to find out that none of the story actually happened. Usually I’m a fan of plot twists like that but I prefer them when it’s not so hard to make sense of the story because that way it doesn’t take away from the achievement of figuring out what’s going on.

With all of that being said Kurozuka is still watchable, if you’re stoned out of your mind and you want to see something cool then Kurozuka won’t disappoint or if you like action and don’t care about a story (unlike me) then Kurozuka is definitely for you.The theme song in the opening credits is really damn catchy as well but the choice is yours as always.

One last thing, if you’ve watched the anime and fully understand what’s going on then please write it in the comments section because I’d really like to know.


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